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March 15, 2011



I think I'd be happy with just ONE of those filled suitcases - but which suitcase would I pick? Too hard to choose - maybe the reindeer! Or the Christmas trees? Spun heads? Well, anyway, looks like a great storage system! Thanks for showing it off.

Kim K.

You certainly didn't disappoint! Thank you for sharing your suitcase & doll trunk collections. I especially loved seeing what items you have tucked in them.

Into Vintage

Shouldn't everyone have a suitcase full of reindeer? Makes sense to me. Your studio is like the world's best vintage candy shop -- I could look through your stash all day long!


Oh my ! I've never seen so much fun stuff in one place in all my life ... (well your at least in the running with Elizabeth from etsy's "grandmother's attic") !! E in TN


That was so fun! I loved snooping through all those cool suitcases~ my fave is the turqoise one with the red/white gingham. Soooo adorable!


LOVE the suitcases! I have 7 of them myself and use them to store my supplies as well as some that are dedicated to my family keepsakes. I cannot resist rescuing them when I find them. When I bought my very first one with gorgeous royal blue satin lining I actually used it to pack for a road trip to the coast. When we got there I realized I probably looked pretty dorky lugging it into the hotel. What? These people can't afford a real suitcase?? LOL!


What a great post and loved all the eye candy!! Noticed some cute honeycomb icecream cones. So happy that pair is back together where they belong :) I have a couple vintage suitcases but after reading this post I want to go shopping RIGHT NOW for more! Unfortunately it is 2 am so it will have to wait...haha



Suitcases aren't just for clothes anymore. I store wrapping paper and feedsacks in mine -sometimes extra linens.


I love the little reindeer peeking out of the top of the suitcase!

Show me your collection of Easter baskets. With the sun finally shining today, I am in the mood for Easter and Spring goodies!


Now I know where the rest of that reindeer herd is hiding out!!


I think this is my favorite collection of yours, so far... but what, no train cases for storage?? no picnic baskets for storage??

Show us your Picnic baskets (it is almost Spring (technically anyways!) and show us your Train cases! (I personally store most of my goods in those, because they fit Great on bookshelves!!)

If you've done this already, and I somehow missed it, I apologize!


I would have to say that this is my favorite collection you've shown! I love both suitcases and doll cases. Seeing what's inside of them really brings out the magpie in me! If you weren't a crafter, I'd turn you in to the Hoarders show, lol! Great stuff, as always!

Now, regarding your detective post, that stick thing really looks like a swizzle stick. I've seen them shaped like that. I can't see you it would be used to pick up tiny things with all those legs on it - I'd think just one leg would do it. Oh, well!


Aargh! I wish I could edit that comment - it should read, "I can't see HOW . . ."


Oh my goodness!!!! Such amazing and sweet inspiration!! Kim K, has linked me to this post for inspiration, and you just have loads of it!! Thank you!! :) :) Every time I read and look at one of your posts, I leave with a smile and can't wait for my next thrifty shop!! xo Holly

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