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March 22, 2011


Meri Wiley

Oh Criminy girlfriend,

Let me know if you ever sell any of those planters. I collect them, too and I see two that I can't live without.....;o)

Today's weather should be cooperating for you. I hope you're enjoying my state.



What this?? No Scottie planters!!


Hi Laurie,
Oh what a beautiful collection!!
I especially love the giraffe
and two sweet birds! They truly
do not make planters like this
anymore. I think when you want
to order a baby bouquet for someone
now, it is usually just a plain
basket or glass container. :(
Thank you for sharing this collection and I hope you are having the best Spring break vacation with your family.
Please show us your collection of
vintage egg cups if you have them.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love old planters and you have a very sweet collection here.

Vintage Christine

I also pick them up when I find them and they're usually not too expensive. I've collected several of the donkey & cart planters and think they're just so cute! My best find was a stork & baby planter made by McCoy in the 50's, but I also love my blue McCoy lamb planter. I have so many planters and no plants (I kill them just be being around them!).

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Such a sweet collection! I'm so attracted to these, and I would for sure go nuts collecting them if only I had the space to display them!


I pick these up to resell a lot, but I only have one that I covet - a sweet clown head vase that my Daddy sent to the hospital when I was born. :) (And, I hate clowns - but this one is special!)

Hope your vacay is fun, fun, fun!


Put cupcake paper skirt on those little people planter and it would look like a Magpie Ethel Design.

Debra Ganas

Love the all planters but the giraffe is my favorite.

Do you have a collection of safety pin/ bead art. I have a few pieces of vintage but I even buy new things if I find it.

Thanks, Debra

Mich in Mich

very sweet!
i'm thinking i might start a collection like yours...

your friend mich in mich,
from snowy, icy michigan!


Laurie, You collect old planters which are my favorite as well! The bead characters are my favorite! Elizabeth

Into Vintage

Your collections are always so well curated -- each one of these is adorable but I especially love the little beaded people and the lamb with his ear flipped up. He looks like he's saying "Is the baby crying?"

Hope you're having a great time in AZ. 30 degrees here this morning. Just sayin'...


Love them! I started picking up (what I call) animal planters back in the 80's and I have 100's of them (mostly packed away). I have purged twice and then regretted losing the ones sold, LOL!

Love the stork!


Love the birdy one! ♥ I have a few planters, too!

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