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March 17, 2011



Hi Laurie,
I wish I could tell you what this
is...but, I'm stumped too! It
does look like a mini whisk, but..
I don't think it is. : )
I hope someone comes up with the
answer. Inquiring minds want to
know. Remember the bird carriage
blanket clips that you were wondering about some posts ago?
I found a listing of them on
Your Arizona trip sounds so


Oh, Oh, Oh I KNOW! It is a Jewelers pick up tool. You use it to pick up teeny parts, stones, findings, etc. They make long ones that look like a pen for picking up small parts inside a car engine too. (I do not know how I know that...)


What kind of shops did you want to see in Phoenix? What kind of places do you like to eat at? Lets start there.:) I live in Phoenix BTW, I can give you some tips if you wish. It's beautiful here right now, BTW!


I'm so glad someone else knew - I knew it wasn't for getting pickles out of a skinny jar!!


Very unusual item...glad someone knew what it is. Hope your AZ trip is full of treasures and sunshine!!!


I don't know, but it's cool!


Hi Laurie,

It looks like an umbrella for a very tiny person, and the cloth part blew off! Yes, that's it!!!!!

LOL LOL!! Just kidding. Glad someone else knew.



I think it's a kind of swizzle stick for a cocktail!! Marie


Dear Mystery Woman, I hope you have the best spring break ever in sunny Arizona. Hope you are traveling by car as I can't imagine what the airline inspectors will say about the contents of your many suitcases. Purple ribbons and bumpy chenille? Now that will leave them wondering! I posted a photograph of your adorable chicks with our family's all time favorite "horrible" souvenir from my Magpie husband. So cute! E


That is for a pocket watch. You attach the chain of your watch to the loop, and you have the long slender pen like shape in your pocket. If someone were to try to grab your pocket watch off your vest, it would (in theory) open up and "anchor" your watch to your person therefore preventing the loss of your watch.

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