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March 11, 2011



Love all your treasures!!


It's AMAZING how much Christmas stuff you find, even AFTER Christmas. That's one thing I don't find much of around here too often.

Did I ever tell you I had a bad dream about you?! You had opened your own warehouse, full of all the things you bought. But, when I tried to buy something, you accused me of trying to steal your stuff! hahaha!


YOure always having too much fun!
have a great weekend

Cindy Brewer

Awesome!! Could you please walk us newbies thru going to an estate sale? Like when do you register for a number? How do you gather your stuff up without someone taking it....ect...Thanks Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

PS glad you had no problems yesterday with earthquakes...was praying!My sister lives in Portland also.


I keep having to remind myself of the 10 Commandments because right now I'm coveting that red ring thingy!!


Oh my...that green cabinet. Metal is a weakness. Blue decal box. I see tin. Its like a magical vintage I Spy. I think I will try to dream about this tonight. How much fun is this. We are headed to Arkansas to fly fish this week and I've mapped out the flea markets! Wish me luck. Thanks for sharing this is so much fun!...Smiles...Renee


Maybe that is my problem...I don't dream big enough! I am happy for you that all your dreams came true. Sales like this are what makes us keep going back.


I have to add that I am a little jealous of the green grass in your pictures too. Who knows when spring will show up around here. We get teased with it and then snow moves back in.....longest winter ever!


I Spy With my little eye....drinking straws, Happy Birthday napkins, what appears to be an entire BAG of tablecloths *sigh*, mini tart pans, vintage wrapping paper and so many pastel metal things that I want to cry! You have the luck, my friend!

Debby Messner

Oh what fun. Can't want to hear more about what you bought. Sweet dreams friend.


Holy moly! Dreams DO come true!


WOW...I'm looking forward to my next dream!


well, I'm glad that not all dreams come true but this was a good one. I guess I'll have to start checking out the E sales again. Give you a little competition. Ha
I glad you found so much great stuff. Can't wait to see up-close details. I can just picture all your fans trying to figure out what that is peeking out of the box...


Oh Happy Day for Miss Magpie. I am loving all of the vintage green everything!! Can't wait to see all of the pictures. Hurry up and post them :)


Oh goodness I see stuff there I would love to have. Can't wait to see what you bought. I'm loving my sweet little chicks you sent. They arrived Friday and I adore them!!

Julie Boyer

Yay! That looks like a good haul! I see lots of pretty aqua. Hope your dreams tonight are joy-filled.

Into Vintage

I'd love to know more about how you managed to buy all that without other buyers trying to buy it too - looks like a little too much to carry around ... maybe you carry 'Sold! to Ethel' post-it notes in your pocket? :-)

acorn hollow

Holy happy stuff! Looks like you did great. Can't wait to see more.


I think the sweetest part of those photos is the grass... I am definitely 'green with envy'!! What grass we do have showing is a horrible brown 'yuck' color!!!


That looks like a fabulous one! Jackpot!!


Hi Laurie,
Wow, you most certainly did
hit a "dreamy" sale! : )
I like the white garden carts,
I can envision so many pretty
flowers in them too!!!

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