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March 18, 2011



How funny. We do something else called a pajama run. When the kids were small some nights after we put them to bed and just before they had time to fall asleep I would ring a triangle dinner bell and bang a spoon on a pot and yell--PAJAMA RUN!!!! They new it meant to come screaming from their bedrooms in their pj's and pile in the car and we would go to our local Sonic Drive Inn for an ice cream. I love the Casper game board.


first I would like to say I love Becky's version of pajama run too ~ what a treat that must have been... now miss Laurie, you amaze me with all the goodies you find...I'm going to have to go looking for estates sales here on the east coast...LOVE THE HONEYCOMB balls... well I'm off to Pajama land myself but I don't for see a pajama run since my leg is still mending...have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene ;O) xox


ohhh and I forgot I LOVE the pink hat with the pale blue polka ribbon ~ adorable ....okay now I'm off to Pajama land ~ sweet dreams ;O)

Lisa W.

You ALWAYS crack me up ! Love the PJ run ! Wonderful finds by the way ....... Wow !

Kim G.

Love those shiny Christmas balls and the little gal! I love Casper the friendly ghost too. You find the coolest stuff. Glad estate sale season is upon us again. Have a splendid trip Dear!!


Hey PJ Lady, Have a wonderful trip and come home safely!


Hey I can see you hopping on down there to sign up. Good finds at that sale for sure.


HOW?? HOW do you always get such cool stuff?! HOW?!! I ask you, HOW???

Kim K.

I'm loving all your goodies. You did very well. I found that Casper Board game last summer and love displaying it Halloween.

Have a splendid weekend!!


You crack me up! I haven't gone out in my pj's to get a number...yet! LOL!
Great finds! Casper, the Friendly Ghost..loved that show.
Have a great time in AZ!


Well, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do -- especially if she wants to get all the best goodies!
Love the hat box. I'm thinking I could make a make-do similiar with an old round box, a flat piece of cardboard and some old wallpaper.
Oh, I might have the instructions for that Casper game if you need them.
Have a great vacation and be safe.


Hi Laurie,
Have a wonderful vacation
and so glad that you found another
wonderful sale.


Oh you lucky girl. The early bird really does get the worm! I had the granddaughter this wekend so didn't even look for the sales but glad to see you scored! Have fun on your trip.


wow what a haul!!!! I'm totally jealous of the mercury glass garlands!!


The Casper board game is awesome!!


Again, amazed at the great stuff you find! Especially love that hat box, soo cute!


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