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March 21, 2011



About your picture on your former post. I am thinking it might be some kind of medical probe. Google images of "liver probe" and see if it looks like
something used for something like a liver tumor. Let me know what you
find out. I could be way off track.


It is awesome!!


So glad I made you smile!! Thanks for the post, it made me smile!



I have one of those! He makes me smile too, and what a nice gift! I meant what I said before-call me when you are here in Phoenix, and maybe we can do a drive-by meet up! Whatever you do, have a marvelous time!

Meri Wiley

Hey Girlfriend,

What a cutie! Good thing you're not here in AZ right now.....it's raining! Hopefully it will be back to normal for you, as I know you get plenty of this wet stuff where you live. Hopefully you can make a trip out here where you can hook up with all of us AZ bloggers. I just wish you had time this coming visit, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Big Hugs,

Renee Dahl

I just love the fact that tissue paper made it all those years and still looks smashing...love it...smiles...Renee


okay I fainted about ten hours ago and I am just coming out of it... oh my what a beauty is she...okay now I can say you hit the mother load (you were gifted the sweetest gift)...if she ever flies away please tell her to buzz by my hive ....have a great spring break enJOY the sun, warm weather and fun! have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene


Hi Laurie,
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz : )
How cute, but, I'm soooooo glad
that bees are not that big! lol.
I too, always love honeycomb. I
remember being so intrigued with
them when I was little. I can
still remember the rows of honeycomb wedding bells during a
Woolworth five & dime shopping
trip with my Mom. I so miss the
five & dime stores. So many
goodies for such a small price.
Enjoy your wonderful trip.

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