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March 16, 2011


deb christensen

that's so funny, i just put my youngest son on a plane to portland so he can spend his spring break with his big sister in salem! they're snowboarding on mtns with chairlifts. (we have to climb to get up ours here)
my mom & dad used to spend their winters in arizona - at quartzsite, and if you have a chance to go there - GO! serious acres of gems, beads, & old stuff folks sell out of their pick up trucks...amazing. have a great time!

Debby Messner

Sedona is beautiful. My cousin visited there a year ago and said it has gotten alot more commercialized. The mountains at sunset are gorgeous. The most beautiful colors of tourqouise and orange you have ever seen. Have fun. I am headed to COlorado to kiss some grandbabies.


Oh, you do have to go to Sedona. Not that you won't find enough to do in Phoenix, but Sedona is magical!

Have fun - Kathy


Definitely go through Sedona on the way to Grand Canyon, also stop at Slide rock (State Park),fun and Beautiful. all on the way to G canyon. The sunset bus tour of the Canyon is beautiful and informative.
Downtown Phoenix has a few fun vintage shops. Check the Vintage Market Guide website, there is a cool Barn Sale going on in April the the gal's website mentions a lot of places she likes to shop in the Phoenix area. We have been visiting my sister there for 25 years, you will love it there!

Lisa Johnson

Have a great trip. We are heading to Eugene for Duck Days on Friday and then on to San Francisco for Spring Break. Let's do lunch after.

Jenny Hernandez (thepolkadotpixie)

I am only 30 miles from Sedona and I would agree that it is very beautiful there, (I'm in Flagstaff which you will probably pass through on your way to the Grand Canyon.. don't speed too fast, my husband patrols that area ;-) ) It's still cold up here so bring a sweater (Phoenix is plenty warm though)

When you are in Phoenix check out Frances Boutique downtown and its neighboring candy shop "Smeeks" (my personal heaven!). Also, if you can make it to the east side of town, Mystic Paper should not be missed!


you must must must go to Taliesin West. (Frank Lloyd Wright's home & school in Scottsdale). it is so beautiful! a hidden gem in an area that has been so built up. If you can, go on the longer tour 'cause you get to see more of the interior & private spaces. make sure you check the schedule so you don't have to wait an hour in the gift shop!


Definitely need to hit all the vintage shops on 7th Avenue between Indian School and Camelback-there are a ton of them! It is called the Melrose District and you won't be disappointed! I live five minutes from there and I love it! If you do coffee, make sure to hit Copper Star Coffee in that area, at 7th Avenue and Heatherbrae.

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