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April 26, 2011



Congratulations on your 50th Collection Challenge!Very pretty....never seen vintage curtain tie backs! Amazing collections you have Laurie.
Thanks for making my morning again!
Doreen :-)

Emily Thompson

You're amazing! :-)

I have a bunch of these too and love them!


This is a really fun collection! You've gotta love something that comes with its own tack. I have a pair that are a pot of tulips, and I'm very fond of them.


Oh my gosh, I have never seen these before, or maybe I have and didn't realize what they were. I will be heading off to eBay to look because I actually have a couple spots where I could use them for their intended purpose! Is the pin in the back like a nail?

Shelley Davis

Well I have four cute little ones (all the same) that I just picked up the other day. I have been wondering what they were, and what to do with them. I think they are longing for their family. If you sending me address I would like to gift them to you.



I think secretly that your home is on top of a warehouse where you keep all these collections!! 50 is an amazing number and I can use you as a reference for my husband to see that I don't really collect too many things :>)


Hi Laurie,
Happy 50th Collection Challenge!!
LOVE the sweet singing bird curtain
tie back and the way you have
displayed your collection. It is
always a treat to see your collections and here's to another
50 or more!! :)


The curtain tie-back are fantastic, but I adore the creme and green plates they are accenting!!

My Vintage Mending

I am so excited to see all these. They scream kitsch to me. I recently found a pair of pink metal flowers for my half bath to join the blue flowers. What a lucky lady to find opalescent ones...smiles...Renee

Mitzi Curi

I love your collection, Laurie! Your display idea is fabulous too. I have several of those, and have been trying to figure out how to transform them into jewelry. They would make pretty pins, but with different backs, obviously (ouch!)


I have come to the conclusion that people in your part of the country kept more things, than in my part! I've never seen as many of those all total, as you have. No kidding, I really think in places that have basements, people saved lots more things. In my part of the south there are no basements. Things deteriate faster in sheds and barns.


Fiftieth collection~ you're amazing, girlie! I love your tieback collection. It's always been one of my most favorite things about your kitchen!


wow 50?? Love these tie backs and they look sooo nice on the wall:)


Happy 50th!! Collections that is! I swear someday I am going to come to Oregon and see all those amazing collections in person! (my sis lives in Brookings, OR, maybe not so far???) Thanks for sharing!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi Laurie! Just catching up on your posts, and had to comment on the beautiful tieback collection. Happy 50th Collection, and I hope that there are at least 50 more!

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