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April 02, 2011



I can hardly believe that I'm first to comment. I'm a jelly bean gal too. The spice ones are my favorites. But I also like the peeps, especially if they're a little on the hard side. Cute chicks Laurie. Love 'em!


I like Robin's Eggs - Brach's to be exact. I haven't found them yet this year. (I have knocked back a bag of spiced jelly beans though!) I bought a chick (and I love it), but I would LOVE to have some more Magpie creations to display in my house. Such fabulousness! Life is Good!


Peeps-always peeps-followed by any kind of Hershey's chocolate!!!! What a terrific giveaway-good luck to all of us!!


Hi Laurie,
Oh wow......a give-away!! : )
I'm in. My favorite Easter candy
is of course, jelly beans and also
Peeps. I do like white chocolate
bunnies, and I remember how pretty
they looked, adorned with pastel
sugar flowers. I think I always
ate the ears off first. Your vintage chicks look wonderful and I
so love mine. I bet they go really
quick in your shop. Love the
sweet spun head Easter bunny girl
in blue!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I really love your giveaway Easter goodies. My favorite easter candy is cadbury caramel eggs and yellow peeps too.


My Blessed Serendipity Life

I follow you.


Hope G

Your little chicks need to fly across the pond to make new friends in the English countryside! My favourite Easter candy has to be Robin's Eggs. After that, jelly beans followed by those horrible hide n seek eggs!


Oh my gosh would I love all of these cuties. That spun head bunny makes me smile with those whiskers!! My favorite Easter candy has to be jelly beans in fruity flavors or not.
I don't see these anymore do you remember them? They were various egg shapes large and small all different colors and the inside was a solid white kind of firm sugar not like a marshmallow at all but firmer. I used to love those.


Oh wow weeeee!!!! I don't know whether this applies to us UK followers - but still - you never know your luck!!!! My favourite - ooooh difficult - - - all love Cadbury's Cream Eggs, but am partial to fudge to......

So glad you are around Magpie Ethal - we love you!!!!!

beth smith

aaaaarrrggghh!!! they are so cute!!! i LOVE Starburst and Smuckers jelly beans- brand matters when it comes to jelly beans :)

Kim K.

I always enjoy your blog and how nice that you are doing a give-away. Thank you!! Easter Malted Milk Chocolate Speckled Robins Eggs are MY favorite. Not sure that my girls really like them, but then it gives me an excuse to raid their baskets.


What great fun - an Easter giveaway!!

My favorite Easter candy is Peeps - but they must be yellow chicks and starting to get a bit stale - I poke holes in the cellophane wrapper so they can "breathe".

Cindy Brewer

Hershey Crackled Candy...I was thrilled when they went from a bar to a little egg.Next is gumdrops...to decorate the gumdrop tree (thanks again).And now...Kisses with coconut...yummmmmmmy!!Thanks girl...now I have to go get me some candy...lolWould love to be in your give-away!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


I Love black jelly beans. I love to eat them and them mush the sugar thru my teeth.
Ya..I am 52, but that's how I roll. lol.
I love Easter decorations. Maybe because I was born on Easter. I would love to win some of your little treats.. Thanks...Erin


This is a 'giveaway' I can't let 'getaway' without getting a chance or two on!! I am a long-time follower!! Congrats on 600!!


I too am a Jelly Bean Girl 8-)
'Jelly Belly Flops' are my Favs!!!

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

Why Peeps of course! Bunny heads and ears covered in sugar. Most tasty!

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

I am indeed a follower. Thanks so much for sharing.


Yes I follow you! and yes, I would love a chance in this giveaway! what great stuff you generous girl! my favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs! Have a Happy Week!
xox natalea

My Vintage Mending

Laurie...I am just smitten with these lovelies...I am going to have to start collecting shelves now. Those bunny ears are lovely.

I follow on google and would follow you anywhere...hah!


oh my, hands down...the reese's peanut butter eggs. can eat a whole pack before i know it. i have learned to buy them for the kid's baskets only a day or so before needed! haha. thanks for the chance! LOVE your blog! sharon


I love Robins Eggs! :)


I follow you!

My Vintage Mending

Forgot to tell you my favorite candy...how could I...the cadbury Robins Eggs. Hard candy coated with milk chocolate centers...heaven in your hand...yum.

Doreen Eagle

Hi Laurie...

How fun a Giveaway!! Love your blog and I have some of your chicks you've made...Look cute with my Vintage Easter displays :-)

I love the Reese's Peanut Butter cups that are shaped like Easter eggs...YUM....Well, the Marshmallow Peeps are yummy too LOL.

shelley davis

Hi Laurie,

What a wonderful giveaway . You know what your fans love most.

My favorite candy started out as solid chocolate bunnies when I was a kid, then bunny ears from my kids solid rabbits. Now Cadbury robin eggs just like Wendy. Thank heaven they only come out once a year!


Linda @ A La Carte

I always look forward to the jelly beans also. Another favorite is peanut butter eggs...somehow in egg shape they taste better. Love this giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance. hugs, Linda

Linda @ A La Carte

I follow you and also on Google connect! Gotta love Google my daughter works for them! Congrats on over 600 posts! hugs, Linda


Lovely Easter stuff!
By far my favorite Easter goodie are Cadbury's caramel eggs.

Jayme L.

Though I live on the east coast now, I still crave See's special Easter edition bordeaux eggs. Thanks for the chance to win your adorable Easter treats!

Into Vintage

Yikes! This would be a thrill to win!!

I'm old-school about Easter candy - I've always loved a chocolate bunny. The bigger, the better. And not white chocolate. :-)


Number one-Eye candy! Like your darling Easter items. The chicks and the bunnies and the graphics are "candy" to my eye!
Second runner up-jelly beans! Not spiced or Jolly Rancher or Starburst flavors, just plain ole jelly beans!


Love, love, love everything you're giving away! My favorite Easter candy is chocolate bunnies! Not hollow ones, either. :)


Oh, and if following you on Google means having your blog in my google reader, I follow you!


What a fun giveaway. Congratulations on 600 posts. WOW.
I'm a jelly bean girl (and not Jelly Bellies...the real old fashioned kind). I wouldn't turn down a dark chocolate bunny.


Oh, it's Cadbury's eggs for me as well! I enjoy your blog and your yard sale adventures. Marie


Congrat's on 600 posts! Your Easter treasures are darling and I would love to have one! Thank you for having an Easter giveaway!
My favorite Easter candy are the Cadbury Mini Eggs that only come out at Easter. YUM!!They are a solid milk chocolate egg with a crisp sugar shell!


My favorite are Cadbury eggs. Yum! It's always a happy moment when they first hit the shelves. Love your blog and seeing all of your various collections. You have such a wonderful, creative mind.


Ooh, I love malted milk eggs! Yum. And just for looks, I love the foil-wrapped Hershey's eggs. They're so pretty!


Reeses Peanut butter eggs. Chocolate, peanut butter...mmmmmm.


Hmmmm ... I love myself a good Cadbury egg, though I must admit Snickers eggs give Cadbury's a run for their (uh, my) money. :-)

Easter crafts are my favorite!


Oh, oh! A wonderful giveaway...I so love your cuties!

I am a jelly bean gal too, especially the gourmet and black ones!

Been reading for some time, but somehow missed being a follower (soon to be corrected! ;)

Meri Wiley

Hi Laurie,

Sign me up for your giveaway girlfriend. My favorite easter candy is jelly beans, too! I eat all the black one's that no one else will eat, but I don't like the white ones...weird huh? Make sure I win.....okay!!!!!

Big Hugs,


I like chocolate covered marshmellow eggs and lets not forget the black jelly beans!!


I love the chocolate coconut nests and the jelly bunnies. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.


I love the little chicks peeping!! So my favorite Easter Candy...among the many...here in Pennsylvania the local churches make and sell handmade peanut butter eggs or coconut eggs just for Easter and they are DELICIOUS, although probably 1000 calories each.

Thanks for keeping us all so entertained with your adventures in Estate Sale Land!


I LOVE Reeces Peanut Butter Eggs, the big ones! 6packs!!


I'm a follower because I wouldn't ever want to miss a fun post!!


Which Easter candy is my favorite? Would be quicker to say which one isn't my favorite! But I'll say the egg-shaped Reese's peanut butter cups. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

Sara Darling

HI Magpie Ethel
My favorite Easter candy is Elmers chocolate goldbrick eggs and although I would never eat one, I love the vintage sugar panorama eggs. I have one that is 20 years old, they last forever.


Ahhh Spring is in the air ...the little chickadees are everywhere...and as always your posts blow me away...you certainly brighten my day today...I will bee watching the clock tomorrow to come and check out the chickadees and all the bunnies...maybee there will be a bee there somewhere ;O) have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene

Cyndi Mauroni

Hi. I love reading your blog! My favorite candy are the jelly beans you can get at See's candy. The pectin is soooo good!


Oh How FUN!!! I LOVE chocolate...so anything chocolate will do...eggs, bunnies etc. Congrats on your 600 posts. That is amazing. Please count me in for your draw. I would be thrilled to win and would have to eat CHOCOLATE to celebrate if I'm the lucky winner:)

twinkle beverages

Happy day. So happy for you Laurie! My favorite Easter candy is......dutch chocolate "foiled" easter eggs. It reminds me of my dutch heritage and I love the kitschy foil! Have a wonderful week.


Congratulations on 600 posts!Thank you for all the fun.
My favorite Easter candy is See's choclate buttercream eggs. Robin's eggs are a must also. I used to love the tiny hummingbird eggs, but haven't seen any in years. Probably liked them mostly 'cause of their teeny size. Happy day!


Wow 600 posts! So glad I found your blog and can't wait to read the next 600. My fav candy is a tie between Cadbury Carmel eggs and Reeces peanut butter eggs. Also love those malted milk eggs, and the kids hate them so the easter bunny puts lots of those in the basket, and mom is always happy! HA!


Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I love vintage Easter goodies!! My favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Mini Candy Eggs!


Well, lookee here what you've done?!! Love an Easter giveaway. Best candy? Peeps. But you gotta "age" 'em. Yup. Open the package and let it sit out so that they are good and gooey. They're also pretty spectacular in hot chocolate. Although it makes me sad to watch them melt down into a frothy, marshmallowy, bit of sugary goodness... Have a great day!

Debra Ganas

Congrats on 600 posts I'm sure I have read each and every one. I must start my day with a little "Ethel". Love you Laurie.

Love all easter candy but especially those chocolate cabbury eggs and peeps. I still have some left from last year. i hid them from the kids. lol
Please enter me in your giveaway would love to have some of your work to add to my easter decor.



Such a fun giveaway. Thanks for including me. I have always loved candy, all kinds of candy. This Easter season I can't get enough jelly beans. I'm ready to open my third bag!


I am now a happy follower!

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

oh how cute!!!
My favorite easter candy is spicy jelly beans!!


Hey there! My favorite Easter candy HAS to be Cadburry Creme Eggs! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Have a wonderful week!


I'm a fan of Peeps. but they have to be yellow chicks or pink rabbits. I'm not sure why, as they should all taste the same, but those are the only 2 I like!


love those malted milk chocolate eggs!
really a whopper but with a pastel coating.


Your blog always make me feel so cheery and some of your finds make me surprised we live in the same city since my sale karma has not been all that good lately.
My favorite candy for Easter is a tie between the Cadbury Robin's Eggs and the malted chocolate eggs.

Dawn Rumley

I love those eggs that are coated in a hard shell and have mashmellow inside..I think Braches makes them, they come in lovely pastel colors..I remember them as a kid. They can be hard to find, but worth the effort for sure. I love your blog..so interesting and colorful!
Happy Spring


Reese eggs frozen! Some how the egg shape makes them so tasty and eating them frozen is even better :)
You bet I am a follower.
Wonderful giveaway for your faithful followers!!
Happy Spring.


Congrats on 600! My favs are jelly beans (red, orange, green, yellow and black...but not purple, pink or white...LOL) Also like the little Cadbury Mini Eggs w/ the candy shell. Thanks for the giveaway...would love to win the cute paper cutouts :)


My favorite are the chocolate marshmellow eggs that come in the egg carton.:)Wonderful giveaway!!!

Kim G.

I like chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. And of course I follow you silly girl! Happy Day!

Kathy Bournival

Hi Laurie, Congrats on #600. I looove reading your blog and seeing all your treasures..:) I have a few favorites including peeps ( but they have to be stale) black jelly beans and a Mounds shaped like an egg of course.
Happy Spring!!


jeez! Lookie at all your peeps! I had to do a bit of work to scroll all the way down here...hee hee

I'm a gumdrop girl all the way.
Ever since I was a kid--my favorite and spearmint leaves and orange slices are right up there too.

Way to go!!!!


I'm already a follower....don't you feel me lurking over your shoulder most days? :-)

I like peanut butter cups in those pretty little pink and gold wrappers.

That blue bunny is A-dor-a-ble.


Mary B.

I am a follower and love your blog!

I like chocolate covered anything. I really like the chocolate to be dark chocolate. I haven't been able to eat chocolate for 3l years and recently decided to start again. That is why chocolate on anything!

I would LOVE to win your creations and vintage Easter things! I will keep my fingers crossed.

Blessings, Mary B.


Oh a giveaway how fun.Cadbury robins eggs are the fave around here.Can't keep them in supply.


My favorite Easter candy is Peeps of course. Although I do slit the package open and age them for a couple of weeks!


Chocolate Bunnies, of course (but I eat anything!). Congratulations.

Lisa Myers

Ca-uuutttteeeee stuff!! My favorite Easter candies are the Russell Stover marshmallow and caramel chocolate covered eggs! Notice the multiple in candies? That's b/c I can't eat just one! They are YUMMY!! :))


My favorite Easter candy has always been the pecan rolls. Most of the time, my dear mother would buy them in the shape of an egg and put them in my Easter basket. I am so sad to say that my mom is not here this year to enjoy Easter with me. But...I will always remember her giving me this delicious treat at Easter!
I would so love to win your Easter give-away! I am such a fan!


oops I forgot to tell you my favorite candies yesterday yikes... love jelly belly beans, peeps, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, danbury eggs and anything that Dove's Dark Chocolate have a honey of a night sweet dreams ~ ;O) xox


I like to eat the ears off a nice chocolate bunny. Yum.
I used to like mountain bars candy bars shaped like eggs. I don't know if they still make them -- haven't seen them in a while.
All your little critters are so cute!!! Love them all.


Congrats on your 600th! here's to many many more. My favorite easter candy is brachs marshmallow bunnies.

Michele Kaplan

I just love Reese's eggs! I love your blog, too! I would be so happy to be a winner!!!!


Jelly Beans! My absolute favorite. Second place: marshmallow eggs.



Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway and for sharing your collections with us. My favorite Easter candy is robin eggs

Lisa W.

Count me in for the giveaway Laurie ! My favorite Easter candy is no longer made. The Fannie Farmer candy company used to make a dark chocolate buttercream egg that was sooo good.... I looked forward to it every year. Now I would have to say my favorite Easter candy would be peeps. Oh- and thanks for showing your chick collection .... Loved it !!

Valarie Kraft

What a fabulous giveaway. My favorite easter candy is Peeps. When I was dating a boy in High School, I brought him home at Easter to meet my family. When we got to the house, there was a peep hanging from a string around his neck on the Door knob with a note that said " we are the peep haters of America, and all peeps found in this house will be tortured." I about died from embarrassment, but my BF thought it was hysterical. That was nearly 33 years ago, and I still laugh when I think about it. xxoo Valarie


Love all the Easter stuff! I just added you on oogle, I actually am old school and still follow on Blog Lines lol.

Oh and my favorite Easter candy are those Reese's peanut butter eggs. The big ones. :)

Robin Carr

I love STarburst Jelly beans. they are the best! I would love to win. I read your blog faithfully but haven't been a follower but guess I will be now. Thanks for all the great posts!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Spiced Jelly Beans, for sure! Boy, am I glad I didn't miss this giveaway. Please throw my name in the Easter Bunny's hat!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Of course I'm a follower. I'd follow you anywhere, Laurie!


My fav easter candy is defiantely malted eggs for sure! Yum! Please enter me in your giveaway :)


This week is just dragging on...... Friday, Friday, Friday...... and the winner issssssssss

Jonathan Borretti

Reese's peanut butter eggs, YUM!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Count me in Magpie!

Hey, have you seen the vintage games I scored the other day?!


Carol T.

Hi Laurie! I have been at Disney World for the past six days and missed your sale on Monday. I will hop over to your etsy shop to see if anything is left! I would love to be entered in your give-a-way. My favorite Easter candy are Mini Robin's Eggs - they have to be the mini -not the big ones. I also have a special way of eating them. First I have to crack/bite off the candy coating and then I eat the "whopper" center!


I have to add a vote for jelly beans. 600 posts ~ wow!

Carolyn Cece

Easter has the best candy it is tough to choose. I would say it is a tie between hollow chocolate bunnies by Palmer and Brach's jelly beans!

birdie blue

i'm a jellybean fan, too. the classic ones, not some crazy super-sweet or sour variety.

so sweet of you to do a give-away. i'm crossing my fingers.

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