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April 08, 2011



What a great bunch of finds and i love that Santa. Congratulations to Lisa for winning your drawing.


Hi Laurie,
Your Mom scored quite well for
you! : ) I'm so glad that you
had a great time together.
Yes, congratulations to Lisa for
the drawing win!!!
Have a great weekend Laurie.


Well played Mom...well played!!,


Hi Laurie....Okay, I'm really jealous now of all the goodies you've been finding up there. I'm starting to hunt the ads and Craigslist now to find sales in my area..How fun that your mom goes with you too!So much fun to have a buddy (or mom) to go with you.

Take care, hope to meet you one day- Doreen

debby messner

Ahhhhhh Captain Kangaroo. Wow, that brings back memories. Goos finds.


What great finds - all that from a church sale - wow! Love that bingo game and the floral metal trash can. And I also love that your mom went with you and knows your tastes so well too. My mom never did figure out mine, :)

Oh, and congrats to Lisa for winning the giveaway!

Kim K.

Nicely done. How wonderful to have your mom join in the fun too. Your birthday items are just lovely.

Have a splendid weekend!

Renee Dahl

I can see that great minds think alike. You must have this vintage gene in your family. The Santa face is fantastic. I am collecting little bits for my spun head doll to send you with the ribbon spool. So far I have a thimble...smiles...Renee


I especially love the pink vanity stuff with the flowers, I collect it. I have a few yellow and blue, but of course, pink is my fav!


You are so fortunate to have your mom to go junking with you. And she really knows what you like!!!
Glad you had such a good day with her.


If we had stuff like this at church sales, I think I might go more often! Glad you had good finds and good times.


Oh my gosh, Captain Kangaroo I loved that show. 3 big cheers for mom. Sounds like a nice day.


That vanity set is WONDERFUL and I loved hearing about your lovely day with your Mom. That is the best treasure of all!


Great finds today! I love to go to sales with my mom too when she is in town. Who do you think taught me to love them in the first place??

Miss Rhea

Wow, great stuff !! I love the PINK vanity set !! Score !! Thank you for posting your baby planters :) They were darling :) I loved them !!! Hope you are having a great spring so far Laurie !!! Hugs :) :)

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