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April 01, 2011



Wow, you always find cool stuff! Do you ever see old metal cookie cutters?

Hey, my brother's BBQ place is outside Hood River, in Parkdale. A little bit of a drive from us... :)


Wow! Can't believe you got all that groovy stuff on the SECOND day! Anytime I feel the useless emotion of guilt for spending money at thrift stores (that's REALLY bad when I feel guilty for spending money thrifting!) I think of you and know someone out there gets me.


My Vintage Mending

The stork alone was worth the trip. I cannot believe the craft goodies you find. Never down here. You've seen first hand. I have never heard of crepe paper flowers, but I love those plaques and that swan is divine. What a wonderful sale. superb....Renee


You did good! And...those plaques are really cute and different!


Great finds, as always!! You are the estate sale queen!! I wonder where you put all your fabulous finds. You must be very organized. I am trying to get organized and get rid of some of my old stuff that I don't like so I can buy even MORE old stuff. :D I think a great post for you to do would be how you organize all your goodies! Or maybe you have already done that and I missed it? Anyway, adore all your fun finds!


Ethel strikes again!! Many wonderful treasures. Love the little drawers...I'm a sucker for those.


Oh wow, what a great pick! The little cabinet of drawers, the lattice vases and the bird figurine are all things I would have snatched up myself and felt lucky to find just ONE of them at a sale. I am amazed you got so much great stuff on the second day. Just goes to show different folks like different things and you should never assume all the "good" stuff will go on the first day. Perfect weather for the hunt, too!


It was just there, waiting for a good home. (Not a feather fan either - the swan looks much better, almost relieved!)


LOVE your chick collection from the last post :)
You DO find the coolest treasures! I LOVE 2nd day prices!
Happy weekend.


Now where is all that stuff at the estate sales around here? *puts away green eyed monster of jealousy* I guess I will just live vicariously through your wonderful finds ;) Those patriotic plaques are the bomb!

Into Vintage

Incredible it was all still there on the second day and HALF-PRICE. I think you must have come across the chicks because you said out loud recently that you hadn't seen any of late. The crafty vintage universe must be listening to you.

Those daffodils are so perfect in your sweet kitchen.


Oh you lucky girl all these sweet things your found!! You must have so many of the Christmas ornaments Shiny Brites my goodness.


nice! Mary Blair wall plaques



Hi Laurie,
You do find the best vintage goodies. Love, love, love
those vintage chicks.
Great finds Laurie and the daffodils are just gorgeous!!!


All that awesome glitter in one place? You lucky, lucky girl!!!!

Groove Cloth Kathy

Your first paragraph reminded me. A saying in our house is always about two things: Jack and Squat! "You know two things: Jack and Squat!" or "I found two things at the yard sale: Jack and Squat." You get the idea. I think we can thank SNL...

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