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April 10, 2011



Isn't it fun to be on the lookout for something and then scoring! Kate's room looks so cute. I just keep getting more and more ideas on your blog! My 13 yr old daughter needs a room make-over too. So glad I found you out there in Blogland Laurie ^_^

Your bog is the first one I click on to - Doreen




Laurie! I love that. Is it new or old? If it's new where in the heck did you find it? - Kathy


It is precious - the settee, that is, and just the perfect color.

Lisa Johnson

What a great find! love everything about that adorable settee! Perfect in her room!

Kim K.

What a perfect find for your daughter's room. I'm in love with the settee. You always find the best STUFF! Come help me decorate our elaborate tree house. We're getting power installed tomorrow.


Oh my, it is charming, adorable, and perfect for your daughter's room!



Oh wow! What a piece of luck to find it at all and then the perfect color, to boot. I bet she was just thrilled with it!


I'm a little behind..Congrat's on the winner of your giveaway!
More great finds and that is a wonderful little sofa that you bought for your daughter.


Hi Laurie,
Oooooooooh, I really like the
settee!! It is so nice and it
looks wonderful in your Daughter's
room. Her room looks so cozy
and charming too. Was the settee
a sale find or is it new? Love it!
P.S. I have a Subaru too! (outback)

Shelley Davis

Oh Laurie,

I would have fallen in love with the little seat. How wonderful! I bet your daughter loved it. Lucky girl.

Spring has come and the sales will be getting better and better!

Have a great week.

Renee Dahl

I love it. Can you imagine how many things I pass not wanting to put them in my car. I have a cx-9 and it can hold plenty, it just takes more man power than I am willing to put out. Kate is a lucky girl....smiles...Renee

debby messner

It is perfect. Your girls room is adorable.
My daughter has a Subaru as well. I have a VW bug and you would be surpised at what I can stuff in there, hah.

Into Vintage

I heart that settee! Perfect color - sure would have looked cute in my doily factory but it looks really great in Kate's room. Future heirloom, perhaps?


So cute! Your daughters room is beautiful. How fun you could fit it in your car! I have a van, perfect for yard sale loot!
Hugs, Patti


Perfect! Looks like she has that same wonderful vintage taste as her Mom. Love everything about her pretty room.


That settee is just right! I would have taken it home and just figured out a place to put it. It looks great in Kate's room.

deb christensen

what a beautiful room, she must love it. the settee was a great find! you should give classes on how to be a successful estate-saler,


Well that was a lucky find it fits perfectly perfect as E would say.
I have a Subaru too but a 4 door and it's so dirty right now it's unbelievable, everyone's car is here. I really must go through the car wash but I know it will get dirty right away again. Then inside my feet bring in mud and lots of gravel, oh it's a dirty place Alaska is.


First, the settee is great. I'm at the point where I need to think about a new car, and something hybrid makes a lot of sense - but I do not think I can go through life without a Forester, and this post really confirms that!

Carol T.

I am in love with that setee. Love the buttons above the skirt. I want one!!!


seems you always have a knack for finding the best stuff! The room looks great.
Can't wait to get my plaques--I have two others of M. Blair's with a nursery rhyme theme! I can't believe I got them before anybody else did. Maybe I have "a knack" too. HAHA


What a darling vintage settee and it fits perfectly in your daughter's charming room!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I knew as soon as I saw the title to this post that you had something wonderful in there, and I was right! How perfect, almost like it was made, way back then, just for Kate's future bedroom!

oona b

Oh, your daughter's room is completely adorable!!! (and the settee is a perfect fit, wow!) I can only hope my Ramona's room resembles this when she's a big girl.
(I have a Subaru too and am always amazed at the amount of stuff it can haul!) Happy rainy/sunday Monday!

acorn hollow

Love it and what a wonderful daughter to let you decorate. My daughter would have loved to have all back and white.


GREAT FIND!!! It looks like it was made for her room.

one gal's trash

What a fantastic find...the color, the buttons...it is upholstered perfection!

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