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May 03, 2011



They look so pretty in your pictures! I lit my sweater on fire with a string of Lighted Ice balls, and I've been wary of them since....


LOVE the fish!

Don't you wonder about the walnut? Would it really look beautiful lit up? Maybe so, the glass ornaments always catch my eye.

Fun collection. Thanks for sharing.


I love vintage Christmas lights - I never see one without thinking of my dear Father and how he endured my endless games around the Christmas tree. Memories.....

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I would love to see some of those bulbs lit up. The colors are just wonderful! But aren't you afraid of them, because they're so old? A couple of years ago I bought an old strand of lights, and when I plugged them in, the bulbs got so hot so fast that I burnt my fingers. Be careful Laurie!!!


Amazing! Laurie, have you seen the wreaths made w/vintage (burned out) bulbs and tinsel? perhaps a new item for you to make with the plainer ones for the holidays! (let me know and I can find a link..)


OH I love the vintage light bulbs!! Can you spare any?? I found some and put them in a tall glass container and they looked really nice!! Wonderful treasures!!!

My Vintage Mending

I love them all mixed up and thrown together. The matte finished and the twisted bulb. They are gorgeous. I love to collect them and store them in jars. Haven't been as lucky with the shapes, love the walnut...but I miss some of those colors. Can you imagine the things I could take to the color match counter? Smiles...Renee

My Vintage Mending

Miss Laurie..do you have any game pieces that you like? I love the old pieces with the head figure on them. Like the ones from Head of the Class...Smiles...Renee


51 Collections shared and still going strong. Love it! I can't believe all the shapes of lights you have - the fish is my favorite. Fantastic share.


Hi Laurie,
Great collection! I especially
like the walnut and fish and I
like the way you have displayed
them in the glass container.
I remember these bulbs and how
hot they got while on the tree.
I think some tinsel melted on them
once. (so I was told) :0


What a fun and different collection to show. Brings back lots of memories. Love it!!

Lisa W.

I really Love this collection... and I love the way you have displayed them. An outside display would be great because of all the old fashioned colors - but as a couple of people have mentioned ... those bulbs can get really HOT .. so be extra CAREFUL .


Love this collection as I also collect old christmas bulbs. I have mine in a cool jar and it sits on my shelf year round. Love all the colors! They would be cute also if you tied some to some bakers twine for kind of a "banner" effect. hmmm....I may have to try that!

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