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May 10, 2011


My Vintage Mending

I don't know why I didn't think to ask? I have an old fuse/tool box full. It is one of my favorite things to sort...buttons. You have a fantastic collection. Another thing I wonder often...who was the lucky craftsman who got to design these treasures. So glad we get to share in your collections....smiles..Renee


I love button bouquets - and those velvet leaves make yours stunning. Why am I not surprised that even in buttons - something I have quite a variety of - you have things that surprise me. You truly have an amazing gift for finding the fun and unusual. So happy these wonderful treasures are now living with you. Beautiful.


Your button flowers are so cute. Something even I could do :>) I adore the cloth covered in buttons. I think I would have to hang it and just smile at all the pretty little buttons!!


eeeeeeeeeeee!!! Buttons are my weak-in-the-knees, skipping-a-beat, hands-down, #1, 100% favorite thing to collect! And did I mention I really LOVE buttons - LOL!
Years ago, when eBay was first starting out, I used to sell buttons there. It makes me sad to think of all the beautiful buttons I let slip away...
I love your little bouquet and deffinately have to give it a try.


Oh what a great idea!! I have my share of buttons but never knew what to do with the lone cool ones that I wanted to display. Now I know! Off to the floral supply store! (well, not really because I'm at work, but tomorrow FOR SURE!) ;)


So glad I found your blog. It was fun and and I think by the pictures we like a lot of the same things.


Wow....Double Wow!
You must have great storage at your house! How fun and thanks for the tutorial on button flowers :-)
I so can't wait to see your blogs now...all these new surprises you have.


shelley davis

I love your collection. I have a ton of buttons as well. I should sort mine by color. What a fun project. In my spare time. Ha Ha. Show me your collection of vintage toys. :)



Hi Laurie,
Oh my goodness.........you do
have quite a lovely collection
of buttons!!
I love buttons also, but....I
just started collecting them
here and there.
Thank you for showing this great
I also love your $2 outdoor
patio umbrella. Maybe oxyclean
will help the fringe? Love
the color and flowers. :)


I have always loved buttons and have jars full of them. And button bouquets are my favorites!! I don't have to water them to keep them living - LOL!! Sometimes I even use a vintage belt buckle to make a larger flower.

Vintage by Crystal

I've been missing your blog and it's nice to catch up! So many beautiful buttons! Makes me want to switch out some of the boring buttons on my sweaters for prettier vintage ones! :)


Your button cloth is AMAZING!!


I adore buttons. My favorites are mourning buttons, but if the buttons are old and cool, I'll collect them. BTW, people collect vintage mourning buttons, card specific types, and enter them in contests. I've scored a few of the old entry card collections.

You have lovely buttons and haven't lost a one.

Groove Cloth Kathy

Oh. My. Heck. That fabric with the buttons sewn on... This makes me swoon even though I have 16 large and 18 small mason jars of vintage buttons sorted by color... sigh again.

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