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May 17, 2011



Well, that was fun. I can't believe you are still able to show us a new collection every Tuesday. It's been a whole year of collections -- we should have made a cake -- with a topper!
Thanks for a year of fun, Laurie.

Linda @ A La Carte

What a fun collection. You so often don't see wedding couples on cakes anymore. After my divorce I got rid of mine...wish I still had it now. oh well....I enjoyed seeing this collection!

Debby Messner

How about a collections of vintage doll babies.....unless you have done that before.


I love all these cute images. The one you made is especially cute. I have one bride and groom myself and it's from my own cake. Bob and I have been married 50 years in Sept like your parents. Hard to believe really it's been this long.


I think this might be my 2nd favorite!! What fun!

Cyndi Mauroni

Hi. I collect those little one piece plastic dolls. Show me your collection of them. Thanks, Cyndi

Mary Ann

The topper in the first picture is very similar to what my parent's had on their wedding cake, except theirs was two separate pieces, a bride and a groom. They were married in 1943.


And your wedding topper is where?

This blog post is perfect for the beginning of wedding season! Fun to look at all the old ones. Now I wonder what my parents had. You got me to thinking!

Happy Day!


This is one of my favorite collections so far. It's great that you have collected so much variety of materials and styles, traditional to whimsical. Love it!

Into Vintage

That vintage pipecleaner couple is incredible -- her amazing dress and sweet little pipecleaner bouquet. I wish I had known you when I got married so I could have had an 'ethel' cake topper. Where is the world did you find all those groomsmen -- did you collect them a few at a time? Great post. :-)


Laurie these are so sweet. That dusty ivory color is fantastic. I am loving the one with the circular pipe cleaner skirt. I do hope we never run out of collections. These are my favorites....well that and all the rest! Smiles...Renee

Emily Thompson

LOVE THESE!! You have the best stuff!!

see min here! we have so much in common! :-)



Hey Magpie!

Do you think those pipecleaner couples were made during the Depression, when people had no money? I can't imagine using them for my cake topper, but at the same time, I love them!

I found a vintage cake topper last summer that I had to buy just because I felt sorry for it! What was once so important to a young couple, now just sitting in a heap of junk at a yard sale. Now it just its in MY basement, but ya never know what it might turn into. : )


Hi Laurie,
Wonderful collection! Oh goodness,
soooooo many groomsmen and no
bride! :) How did you find so
many?? My wedding cake topper
was actually part of the cake.
It was a basket, (frosting basket
weaved around small cake base) and
in the center were pale pink and
white roses and baby's breath!
I just loved it!!

Loretta Houben

This is a darling post. We had 2doves on our wedding cake holding a ring in their beaks. I still have it.

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