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May 24, 2011



What a nice tribute to Piper! My DH and I won a goldfish at the Fair when we first got married. We had Sawyer for eight years. He got to be 10" long. I was heart broken when he died. Fish can become members of your family, just like a dog or cat.


Awwww...sorry to hear about Piper. Cute memorial for her though :-)
With 3 kids, We've had our share of memorials for pets. Good to hear you had a great time in San Francisco. City by the Bay.I was actually born there and all my family is in the Bay Area.We love it every time we're there. Can't wait to see your upcoming posts! I need Cheery and your blogs always "Cheer" me up :-) Doreen


Sorry to hear about poor Piper! He can go to his reward knowing he prompted a collection challenge post I don't think ANY of us would ever have thought of! Show me your collection of fish.......!

Kim G.

Poor Piper. Surely Piper is swimming in fishy heaven with our Dorothys (I, II and III).


Hi Laurie,
Ohhhhh, I feel bad about Piper. :(
Your collection challenge is a nice
tribute to him.
We had a Beta (Bluefin) and I was
sooooo sad when we lost him. Our
pets truly are part of the family.
I really like the vintage fish
pottery and the cute honeycomb fish.
Sending Lot's of Hugs,


Well, I'm sorry we never had a chance to know Piper better, but I'm sure he (she?) is telling the other fish in fish heaven about his lovely time on Earth.


I really like your little pin-cushion fish!! I have been taking a look at some of your older posts about your collections... Girl you have even more collecitons than I do. :-)


Vintage fish? If anyone could pull that collection off, it would be you!! Love love love the small blue fish in the first photo (my favorite pottery color these days)~ and that honeycomb fish is just too cute for words!!

Lisa Gerig

I am sorry to hear about Piper, too. When my oldest son was in college, he had a Beta fish named Ziner. Good little Ziner traveled back and forth from college in the floor board of my son's 1986 Saab... (the same car my son came home from the hospital in!) We called Ziner our grand-fish. He (she?) went to fish heaven last summer and was buried along the banks of the Potomac River. I love looking at all of your "goodies". Do you have a collection of aprons?

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