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May 31, 2011



How cute all these things are. I love seeing made in the USA on old things don't you.

Into Vintage

Ah the good old days... when the students wrote their own excuse notes.

I'm not familiar with a pee-chee but it looks like you have enough of everything here to start your own vintage elementary school.


I have a bell just like the big one - it belonged to my Great Grandmother when she taught in a one room schol house in KS in 1917. I have her teaching certificate, her first year's teaching contract and a yard long print of her first class. She was only 17 years old and the Superintendent was in his late 20's. There was scandal when they started dating! But, he was a Preacher too, so it was decided it was okay. They did get married so my family owes it all to them! ;o) (A bit off your post, but I love having all her old school things too. My Cousin is a Principal and I tried to give it to him, but he was not interested. Some people just don't "get" old stuff and family stuff, do they? I know, I am preaching to the choir here....)

Mary B.

Thank you, Laurie,
I loved seeing your old school items. It also looked like you had an old/new slate in the background of the report cards. Also, what is a Pee-Chee? There are still so many things for you to collect in that category.
I love the school bell belonging to your grandmother. I have used bells at school but I don't think I ever had my own bell while I taught. I used a bell that kind of came with the desk and I loved the beauty of the sound.
I am in the middle of cleaning out my school things of 18 years of teaching Kindergarten. I am keeping too much of it. I just can't let it go - too many wonderful memories.
Teaching was such a blessing for me!
Thanks again!!
Mary B.


One of my favorite excuses for being late happened in my school a few years ago. A little boy (I think he was a first grader at the time) went into the office to get his tardy slip and when the secretary asked him why he was late he said he knew he probably missed the flag salute so he stopped out front by the big flag pole and did the Pledge of Allegiance all by himself. Needless to say he was excused and sent to class and the story has been told and retold. :o)


The word "splendid" is just not used enough nowdays and I think we need to fix that. This collection is splendid!!


Brings back memories, I remember some of those peechee's. Reading some of your posts I see that some people didn't know what a peechee is. I wonder what they call them? Interesting.


Never thought of these. Love it. Mostly those old notes that always slip out of something. Old penmanship is the best. Great collection..something I haven't seen. Thanks for sharing always...smiles...Renee


Ahhh...pee-chees. Brings back memories :)



Hi Laurie,
Oh what a sweet collection! Love
the bells. : )
I never heard of pee-chees.....
but, I love the graphics.
You have the greatest collections.


Love your collection. Please share what pee-chees are?

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