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May 07, 2011



Careful....you are almost getting a "honey tin" collection started. I swear collections just fall into your lap. :o)
I am expecting to see some wonderful items for the 4th of July on Etsy!


I don't know...I spend Friday and Saturdays at sales in the alleged thrifting capital of the US (Midwest!) and rarely find such WONDERFUL things!!

The thing is you are the best person for these treasures! You love them like the original owner! :)


You have to be one of the luckiest estate sale gals around!!We just came home from hitting some sales in our area and I found a few things but nothing compared to you.
Always happy to see a fellow "collector" find things :-)
How much fun to have your mom with you for an extra set of eyes and hands LOL.

Shelley Davis

Laurie it all looks wonderful to an artist. I bet you were in heaven. Will you let us know when you are going to add the pinking machine to Etsy? I would love to purchase it. It would be a great addition to my children's sewing machine room. I'm in love. :)



I am totally envious!!


Such great finds... lots of things I haven't seen before. I love that honey tin, and that doll case your mom gave you is so darling! I can't wait to see you work your magic on all the crafty-goodness!
PS: Happy Mother's Day!


Boy did you hit pay dirt. I am in need of a good estate sale fix.


Glad you did so well Laurie! Nice to have your mom shopping with you, it's great to have extra hands.


Glad you did so well the first day. Many wonderful things!!
Happy Mother's Day!

My Vintage Mending

Totally unfair. You are hogging all the good stuff! Just kidding...I would have been skipping and whistling...so much fun stuff I can't pick a favorite. Just glad I get a chance to share in the joy...smiles...Renee


High five, Laurie. You do the work and you get out there first and you get the STUFF. You go girl! LOVE that little doll suitcase.


Wow! So much cool stuff I wouldn't have known where to begin to sort it and photograph all those goodies! Have never seen those "Victo" cards - WWII-inspired, I'm sure. That flag ribbon is awesome too! But then there's that doll suitcase...all those bunnies...the vintage fabric patches...Christmas stuff and more. It's all good!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I guess those measly $2 sales are worth suffering through when you hit jackpots like this. WOW! So many great finds, especially those Bingo cards. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your area is a real hotbed for finding vintage treasures!


gheesh!! you are the luckiest estate sale shopper! have fun with all that yummy stuff and Happy Mothers day!


Wow! You had a great day. You'd better take it easy today and just... "puff lightly"... HA

Happy Mom's Day

Kim G.

Oh My!! Can't believe all of this great stuff you found! The cigar boxes are funny, I love the cupcake wrappers and the flag ribbon is wonderful. You lucky girl you. Happy Mother's Day!

Cyndi Mauroni

Great treasures! I just love the cigar boxes as I collect them. But what is a pinking machine?

Mary B.

Laurie, I loved all that you got. I guess the bunny things and 4th of July things were my favorites. I hate to admit this, but the pinch butterfly pins look real familiar. I also loved the doll suitcase. I am always excited you find so much! Congrats and thanks for sharing!! Mary B.


Oh, oh, oh....oh my! Oh my! Laurie, you have the best luck in the entire world of estate sales! I would have bought every single thing you bought! I am drooling, again, all over my keyboard!!!!


You know how much I'm loving all of this stuff! I love your 4th of July finds - good patriotic stuff is hard to find, I think. Cannot wait to see Bess and Bessie completed! Soon, right?


O.M.G. You find THE BEST STUFF!!! I have hit 50 estate sales this year and haven't hit a tenth of that! Oh well, I'll keep trying ;)
Thanks for the eye candy, love it!!

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