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May 13, 2011


Carol T.

Perfect Santa Claus on that empty box of cards!


I think the galvanized containers in the garden will be wonderful - I love galvanized metal. What a goofy thing to say! I recently scored an old galvanized watering can. It is missing the "rose" on the spout so I got it for a song but I LOVE it. I have been using it for it's intended purpose and I love it with the missing rose because it doesn't plug up. I have one of the mop wringer things like your bucket has but still haven't come up with idea for how to use it - kind of like your cafe rings. One of these days...


I think if you came to my house, you would say I am a collector of buckets - I have them in all sizes and materials and use them for everything - would love to add one like you found to my collection - great find!!


The box is gorgeous. Can you believe how pristine it is. How wonderful for you to get that. I can't wait to see how you display it. Enjoy your weekend...Renee

Meri Wiley

Hey Girlfriend,

Well because of you, I've signed up to get notifications of local estate sales......yes it's all your fault. However, I've found that most of them are way out in Phoenix (about 40 miles away) and unless there's more than two or more, it just doesn't justify the gas prices. Some have been local, but again I've been thwarted by lack of funds or having other activities going on. I'm determined to make a day of it soon....just as we're getting into our 100+ weather....yes I'm missing a few marbles....LOL I'll let ya know when I finally get to one.



Those frosty bells are some of my favorite Christmas items, so it looks like a good haul to me! Enjoy that Portland sunshine - I hear it is a rare commodity. No shopping for me this weekend - it's prom night!

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