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May 11, 2011



Laurie, it looks fabulous! You should be proud to have done most of it yourselves. It makes a huge difference in the stairs...wow.


Beautiful! Your stairwell before looks like the one we have.....beige blah. We have hardwood flooring too.....what creative ideas you come up with. It has that vintage flair look now. Like your hooked rugs too :-)

Carol T.

Laurie ~ I love how this project turned out. I recently had my foyer painted and the new painted walls have seemed to make the carpet on the stairs really show it's age. I was talking to my brother (also my painted) about how I wished I had hardwood stairs. I don't think I could just replace the treads like you did because I don't have a wall on either side of my stairs for the first five treads and only have a wall on one side the rest of the way up! On the steps with no wall, the tread extends a few inches past the spindles. I think I would have to have a whole new staircase built. Your new staircase is just perfect. Carol


I love this project - I have been tempted to do something like this in my own house - maybe this will be the year!!


I love Dash and Albert, too. I so want to carpet our stairs and this pattern would be perfect!



I love how it turned out! Did you place the new wood treads on top of the existing treads?

I'd love to rip up the carpet on our stairs because they always look grungy, since you always walk in the exact same place every time you go up or down. But underneath I'm sure we just have cheapo plywood or whatever builders use that is never intended to be seen. We'd need a way to cover that up but I never thought about putting nice wood right over the top. Hmmm.


Stunning carpet runner! Lucky you.......:).
I'd smile too....and find lots of reasons to go up and down those stairs!


We had to do this right after Bob took carpeting off our steps and covered them in wood. They looked so nice but the dog slipped so we had to put stair treads. Mine are like yours were all tan and I see now I should have gone with a deeper color as it does not show dirt as well. Yours are really beautiful but we did not want to cover up so much of the stair so I bought from a stair pad company in Canada that would ship to Alaska.


A vast improvement! It's hard to give stairs the right character, but I think you've pulled it off.


Yep, I would smile everytime I used those stairs...great job!


Nice job - it turned out so pretty! I would have to stand their and stare and the stairs until my eyes got filled up.


Hi Laurie,
I'm so loving the button post, the great finds and now the awesome stair runner that you and your hubby did! Awesome!!
If you run out of projects, I have a small list LOL!!

shelley davis

Hi Laurie!
Beautiful. You make it sound so easy. Right! I would love to do this at our house. With three six year old little ones, our stair take a beating.

Love the carpet choice. Beautiful!


Renee Dahl

Turned out fantastic. I can't believe the difference. The treads look great. Can you believe the difference a patterned carpet makes? Clean and perfect. Well done. Smiles...Renee


Your staircase is gorgeous! From the pictures I have seen of the rest of your house, that carpet pattern goes perfectly with Magpie Ethels house! I was wondering what you did at the top landing? Is it carpet still or was it already hardwood? I would love to do mine but I always wonder what you do to the landing up top. Mine is carpet. Would it look weird to have wood steps then carpet up top? Anyway great job!


What a lovely job you did...love it! xo


Really nice~!

Debby Messner

I love the new look. I want to do that with mine some day. We live in a bi level so our steps get alot of traffic. That pattern is really nice.


Okay now you are going to have to do a challenge featuring your vintage hook rugs:)

Nothing like the feeling of getting something crossed off that list, specially when it turns out this great!


Hi Laurie,
Oooooooh, I love the stairway
re-do! You and your Husband did
a great job and love the runner
pattern. Did you do the landing
also? My stairs look similar to
yours but, without carpeting right
now. I just love hardwood flooring.
Great job!!


Hi Laurie! Such fun catching up! Your umbrella post was over the top wonderful. Your stair project has turned out beautifully. Me too, new carpet our entire first floor. Wedding visitors remove your shoes! Have a great weekend ahead! Elizabeth PS My spun girl arrived safe and sound. Love your art!


Very nice! What a difference the floral pattern makes!

Into Vintage

Wow - this turned out great! Love your choice of runner -- it looks absolutely perfect. :-)

Kristin~Bringing Pretty Back

I can see why you love your stairs! I do too!!
Have a pretty day!


You're new staircase looks gorgeous. Don't you love that you and Tom did it yourself!! Mark and I just redid our kitchen island and I love looking at it every day knowing we did it. Especially considering that my guy didn't know what DIY was until this project :-) Enjoy going up and down those steps everyday. PS the rug is perfect too!

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