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May 05, 2011



What a beautiful story about the stork and basket. I'm sure a well deserved Mother's Day gift to yourself.....lucky for Ben and Kate to have you as a mom too...and of course your mom!

Thanks for sharing as usual! -Doreen

Kim K.

What a lovely new collection. Such a charming story behind the stork basket.

Happy soon-to-be Mother's Day!


I have to laugh at another stork in your home thinking if we asked your husband if you needed another stork what he would say lol..

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

Seems like a great tradition to begin and continue.I have a friend who gives her kids gifts each year on mother's day.She says Mother's Day reminds her to be thankful for the gift of being a mom!I always thought that was a tremendous idea.


Who wouldn't be smitten??? I collect old "funeral" baskets although I don't like to think of them as that-just old flower baskets, they are great for flags at the 4th. I got a basket like your stork basket minus the darling stork when I got that basement room for $1.00 at an auction (the dream sale!). I also got a box with all the old baby announcements, cards, first hair clips etc.-I can't imagine a family not wanting all of those goodies. Love the stork-gives me something to keep my eye out for-you always inspire me!


Laurie, This is THE most wonderful stork find I think you have come across so far! Thank you for sharing it with us, and I do hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Elizabeth


That is a beauty!!


Sweet little stork and a sweet new tradition!


How sweet, we are lucky to be Mom's aren't we? I love the stork's.


awww...another cute collection. I believe that you are the Queen of Collections!

deb christensen

wow, you have a great tradition going, and a fabulous find! who could resist after knowing the story behind it! good for you, and happy mom's day!

My Vintage Mending

I have always wanted to be the florist that got to work with these fantastic pieces. This is super. Can you imagine picking these out of a catalogue? Now we get glass vases...what happened to creativity? Happy Mother's Day! Renee

Into Vintage

Happy Mother's Day to you. I bet that gentleman would be thrilled to know this sweet piece of his life's history has gone to live with someone who loves vintage as much as you do.

What a great story. :-)


Your collections amaze me!

I envision you with 13 storage units around town....


Hi Laurie,
Oh what a sweet tradition!
Happy Mother's Day.

Mary B.

Laurie, I love your stork collection. It is such a good collection to represent motherhood. I also like the fact that you get your own self something each year. I do wish you a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY!
Mary B.
(Did you hit any garage sales?)

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