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May 26, 2011



Wow- I was mapping out in my mind where you went in S.F.~ goodness, girlie you did some walking!! One of the wildest taxi rides I ever took was in S.F. (we caught air), so I understand!

Loved your photos~ that bridge at Anthro is so great! It's been a while since I've been over to The Bay~ planning a day trip soon for my best friend's b-day gift, and can't wait. Looks like you hit all my faves~ so fun!


Kim K.

You did visit some fabulous stores. Thanks for sneaking in that cell phone camera!!! Someday, I'd love to get back out west and take the girls to China town.

Into Vintage

There's nothing like SF on a beautiful day - makes me a little homesick to see it all looking so pretty. My shins always hurt after a day of walking around there! Looks like you had some great shopping excursions - I've never been to those Berkeley shops - they look incredible. :-)


Oh, I would LOVE to visit those two crafty stores. I have only been to San Fran a couple times but if I ever get to go again I know where I'm headed.
A bridge made out of Rice a Roni. Now there's something you don't run accross every day.

birdie blue

thank you for the pictorial, laurie. i would've bought one of those swans, too.

must get to san fran, stat.


Beautiful day for SF.....glad it was a nice day for you!How fun to have friends with you too. I've never been to Castle in the Air. We'll have to stop there next time.You could literally around there for days.All those hills really give you a workout. We took the kids to the Academy of Sciences there which was fun too. The 3 day Passport worked out well so we could ride all the Muni vehicles incl the cable cars. Thanks so much for the wonderful pics of the fun places you visited. SIGH.....makes me miss our "City by the Bay" - Doreen


Looks like so much fun! We would have a good time shopping (and eating) together!


If you're goin
To San Fran-cis-co
Be sure to wear
Some flow-wers in your hair
If you're goin
To San Fran-cis-co
You're gonna meet
Some gen-tle people there!

Mitzi Curi

Wow, seeing those fabulous stores makes me realize that big cities really offer things that smaller cities (like Lansing, Michigan) don't. I need to travel more! Someday I'd love to make it to New York and hit Tinsel Trading. Thanks for the tour of San Fran. Maybe someday I'll make it there, too!


Laurie, thank-you for being my driving buddy down to get Meggie! I'm so glad we twisted her arm to go to Art School in S.F. It is such a great city to explore in. Always finding something new every time I go there. You and I chatted all the way to and back. Way to much fun. Thanks again! Do you have any fruit :]


Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! Loved all the pics, and those shops were fantastic. Can't wait to go back, its been 15 years since I've been! Now I have a great list of places I must see. :)


Loved all the pretties! Sounds like a glorious trip. Thank you for "bringing us along." Cheers, Kathy

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