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May 15, 2011



Oh, you lucky ducky! Sounds like a fun trip. I will be looking forward to reading your posts about it when you return. Be safe and shop victoriously!


I have no advise on good places to shop - but I'm certainly noting those you listed for my next visit. Have a great time and enjoy the road.


SF is my favorite city. Been there many times as far back as taking the train from Sacramento to SF in 1945 to visit my sister who had a baby. I really don't have a spot to tell you about I especially like to eat. I always loved to visit the museums the most.


STRAW in Hayes Valley is a cute little restaurant with a carnival themed menu. In fact you can even sit in a vintage tilt-o-whirl to have your meal.

Opens at 5pm and if you go I suggest the funnel cake neopolian for dessert!


San Francisco is one of my favorite cities - I could ride the cable cars all day!!

Tina-Marie Hamilton

I am on the East Coast and have only been there once (darn), but I saw this post




I know nothing about San Fran BUT please take lots of pictures. And lots of inside pictures (you may have to do a little secret squirrel espionage on this last one). Take us with you, pleeeeeeeeeze!!

Cheers, Kathy


Cliff's Variety on Castro is fun. I like Delancey Street Restaurant, and it has an interesting background. Both are easy access from public transportation.


Love this vintage map, can you provide any details behind it?


I have only been once and we stayed on the wharf and did all the "touristy" things, can't really remember where we ate, but I LOVED the city! What fun! Take lots of pics, I plan on going there later this year and I can take YOUR advice!! :)


What time do you need me to be ready? Ha! This sounds like such fun. What a gorgeous ride. Enjoy every minute. Smiles...love those maptags...Renee


Hi Laurie,
Oh my gosh! You lucky lady!!
I want to go too!!! : )
I wish that Crown and Crumpet had
an on-line shop. I have heard
so much about it. You will have
so much fun in one of my favorite
cities (San Francisco). If you
like prime rib and/or steak, try
The House of Prime Rib on Van Ness
St. They have a website to check
out too.


can I stow away in your car...did I mention that I'll bee in California in September for Art is...You... I went to SF years and years ago...hope you find a lot of goodies a long the way...have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! ;O) xox

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