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May 30, 2011



It turned out just perfect! I can't imagine you accomplished all of that in only two hours - wow! Every time I do any art room re-organizing it takes me FOREVER to get things to fit back in. I love the idea of using the cupboard doors as shelves - great idea. Well done!


Looks amazing! It's a good thing that you are so organized because you have a lot of stuff in your cute little studio.
What did you do with the trays?


I love how this looks now and you were so lucky to get that sign.


If I was ever lucky enough to visit your studio....I would never leave. Ever. And, if I was forced to leave - you better search my pockets and purse. Just sayin'. :O)


That sign is so PERFECT!! (I've been on vaca and missed your post about the sign.) Love how you rearranged. Where is the shop you found the doors?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a nice welcome every time you enter your studio! It looks fantastic, and I love your repurposed shelves. And please remember, and don't ever forget, that if you decide you want to sell any of your trays, just holler!

Lisa W.

It looks Perfect - I love the way it turned out ! Great Job !

Shelley Davis

Oh it is so you! Love the pictures. I had to show them to my husband. He would have never believed that anyone had more stuff then me in my craft room. I too have trays and vintage bobbles. You win. Hee Hee!


Love the new sign and it all turned out so nice!
I love your sunny yellow studio!

my eyes were over-loaded with all the goodies in your studio


Laurie this is so much fun. Perfect for the studio. Stacks of tin....an over flowing sap bucket full of chenille flowers. This is ordered vintage chaos. Truly perfect in every way. It reminds me of a florist shop. I have yet to see something I would not grab my self. Enjoy...smiles...Renee

Kim K.

I never grow tired of looking at your studio. It's fabulous and that sign is just perfect. I will be coming back to this post and checking out all your special goodies on your shelves. You always have the best eye candy!!


A great big SIGH again.....The sign looks great on that wall. That was really thoughtful of your friend to think of you with that sign......Who else could that belong to but you :-)
I feel normal now when I look at all your vintage things in there. You definitely have more than I do! I also got an idea from you. My friend just gave me two vintage looking birdcages that I was going to put in my garden. I might clean them up and paint them and use them inside instead now. Thanks again Laurie for your ideas!

Lynne Hoffman

Sweeeeeet! What fun and satisfying way to spend a day...yay for you!


Hi Laurie,
Your studio looks great with your
"Ethel" sign and what a unique
entrance at the rebuilding center!!
I would love to go in there and
look around, oh....and your studio
of course also. : ) : ) That's
a given.


I would have a field day in your studio, checking out all of your treasures. I love the rebuilding center!!

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