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June 30, 2011



Once again you have worked makeover magic. Wonder what a little glitter & tinsel could do for me?


Well, no wonder they call to you...they've heard about your makeovers!

Junque Magnet

Oh how lovely.Hurrah for the red, white and blue!

Debby Messner

She is a real beauty now. Ever thought of running a doll hospital?

twinkle beverages

Very nice...very nice. Have a terrific weekend.


Oh, those blue eyes and dark hair! What a patriotic beauty!
Ya done good, girl.


Oh Laurie, you did an amazing make-over on her!! She turned out just wonderful. Absolutely, it was ment to be.


MAGIC... pure enchanting little gal she is.... LOVE her magical make over... have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs! ;O) xox

Mary B.

Laurie, You did an amazing job on her. You should keep her as part of your patriotic collection. Her wig and hat are perfect and you painted her eyes just right. Keep her.
Mary B.

Lisa W.

I'll just bet that she never looked better in her life !! Great job Laurie ...........

Shelley Davis

Aw Laurie,

She is beautiful. Good eye. You really did your magic on her!

Have a wonderful 4th!



She looks like she even put on a smile. Those little socks are so cute. Glad to see some one snatched the crimper. It didn't take long! Enjoy your holiday weekend. I'll sew you up anything anytime...smiles...Renee

Into Vintage

Wow - she looks years younger! Maybe you can do some work on me next...


What a lucky dolly to have won the makeover at your beauty salon!


What an amazing job you did on that doll. I have a soft heart for old things that need TLC and I wind up dragging things home to "fix" them esp if if it's one of the elves or pixies I collect.Brings me joy to see them restored again.You can almost hear them thanking you.That's probably how you feel too :-)I love what you did with her eyes.That's the first thing I noticed.Hope you have a great weekend! - Doreen


Absolutely charming! Wouldn't have known it was the same doll. Just goes to reinforce the importance of a good hair stylist!


Oh Laurie, you did a fantastic
job on her!!!!!! She is so cute!
Have a wonderful Fourth of July!!


That girl was destined to be a brunette - MUCH better for her skin tone! She is absolutely adorable. Traveling this weekend; must find internet access to see you in your patriotic costume. Happy 4th, my friend!

Musings from Kim K.

She's just lovely now. The transformation is just stunning. I'm enjoying my first Magpie Ethel purchase. She looks right at home with my patriotic bottlebrush trees. Have a splendid holiday weekend!

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