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June 07, 2011



Hi Laurie! OMG! Have you given me a smile this morning as I scrolled down previous posts to see you as Queen for the Day! I can picture your discovery of that wonderful photo and feel the turning of your mind wheels figuring out how it would come home to live with you. I Love Lucy has got nothing on a girl and her challenges! Have a lovely day! Elizabeth


Oh for goodness sakes where does all this stuff come from? I have seen that rock kit back ages ago.


This one is right up my science alley! I, too, have collected these for years (and vintage toy microscopes, old science textbooks, and science games as well). I am a biologist/chemist and love everything related! I really should display mine (it's been packed away for years!)

Thanks for sharing!

Kim K.

You collections never cease to amaze. I've picked up a microscope and chemist set that I've pulled out at Halloween. The graphics on your collections are divine.


What a fun way to decorate Ben's room!


Your Ben is a good egg. Both of my sons are over 30 and I STILL wouldn't trust them alone in a room with a science experiment kit! Oh, the stories I could tell...

Into Vintage

I wonder what's in all those tubes and vials -- looks very mysterious and science-y. We didn't have much of that in art school... :-)


I've always wondered about vintage chemicals in vintage chemical sets ... whether it would be fun to do some vintage experiments with them. Guessing that is probably not recommended!


I have one that loves these old rock collections. Like the kind that are glued on the USA maps. These kits are fantastic. Again it is the graphics that make them just above and beyond captivating but once you move past that and start getting in it you see all the detailed stuff inside it is even more impressive...smiles...Renee

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