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June 14, 2011



So happy I can get my fix most mornings with my coffee and looking at your blog! Your collections make me so happy. I don't have nearly as much vintage goodies you do but it's sure nice to know there's someone out there in Blogland that loves the same things I do and I have as much fun looking at your things as I do mine!

Ter from Vintage Station

Where in the heck do you store it all??? I love all of your collections and I try to hoard mine but my house is a disaster!!!!!


OMG! Squares of papers framed would make such an awesome display! I just can't believe what you find! E


Love the little pink elephants!
Do you ever use any of your paper? I buy it every once in a while and then hoard it -- it's too good to use.


I have never seen such paper some of it reminds me of repo fabric I have! Good for you to w/o with a group this is very successful and I did it for many years when I lived in CA and loved it. It puts a bit of pressure on you to show up and this is what we need most of the time.

Musings from Kim K.

Another fun collection. The graphics are amazing. I especially love any of the ones meant for children. You never disappoint.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What a great collection of wrapping paper you have collected. Do you ever use any of it on projects or to wrap a gift? Do you have any vintage wallpaper? I would love to see it if you do.



Wow! You've got a ton! I have some too, but HATE to use it, knowing it's going to get ripped up and torn outta my life!!! Now that I'm into art journals, I'm hoping to preserve some for them. Yeah, yeah. That's it!

Stop on by and check out the spoils I got today!



Hi Laurie,
ooooooooooh that is a lot of
vintage wrapping paper!!! :)
I was going to tell you that I
have some too,...but after scrolling down and looking at all
of the paper, I don't. (lol) I
mean I do, but...I don't. :)
Do you use any of it? I don't know
if I would.


I have no words...except STUNNING!
I didn't even know they made this many cute designs.
If I did it again I would have to be a graphic designer just to be able to reproduce these goodies because we know you have all of them...just kidding. Thanks for going through all the work...I missed my Lincoln head...smiles...Renee


Ooooh! I love those graphics! Some of those sure brought back some childhood memories...


Into Vintage

Great collection! I am addicted to vintage wrapping paper - there's something about those graphics that really gets to me and it seems to be less expensive than my other (new) addiction, vintage wallpaper. Do you suffer from that sickness as well? :-)


You know how much I love this! I have a real soft spot for anything with an umbrella. And the men's wrapping paper with pipes and slippers. (Is that all men ever got? Those, and the occasional necktie?) Great collection, Laurie!


I remember my dad ordering from those old books of gift wrap. I used to love to sit next to the filing cabinet where they were kept and just leaf through them. I buy paper now and again through Ebay. It's getting harder to find, though. Thanks, Laurie. - Kathy


The little children in the space ships and the pink elephants are great. I am ever amazed at the great stuff you find - your reward for getting out there early!!


Hi Laurie!

What a great collection of paper, and I love the santa boxes! Do you ever use any of the paper for crafts or actual gift wrapping? Thanks for sharing it!



That pink elephant paper is destroying me with it's cuteness! Love your collection, I always look for funky paper at estate sales, too. Your blog is one of my favorite places on the web, so full of delight! XO Laura

Anita Tinlin

Show me your collection of vintage (antique?) cabinet cards, please.


I LOVE the wrapping paper catalog! Makes my heart skip a beat! I must own one of those someday! If you ever decide to part with yours....or find another....


That 1958 wrapping paper catalog is to die for. Do not ever give that up.

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