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June 11, 2011



It looks like you hit the jackpot again - but the best jackpot has to be having Ben home for the summer.

Debra Ganas

Magpie Ethel scores again. Love to look at all of that pastel goodness.
I can almost visualize a "Magpie Ethel" zoo with those adorable animal spun heads.



Miss Laurie, you sure had the crafting/Estate Sale fairy directing your day! Yippee for you. Man oh man, I'd love to fine me a sale like that. Looks like a blast! - Kathy

Mich in Mich

thank you for the cyber-hug, during my difficult loss.

your friend in michigan,

Stacy O.

That looks like way too much fun!


Oh Laurie I am so glad someone is getting out to estate sale. This summer schedule has me running kids right at the times of sales...I hope to get out next month. These animal heads are darling...so happy to see such goodness...smiles...Renee


Your blog always makes me smile.


I did a double take on those decals...those were on the crib I used as a baby (1967). Excellent finds!


WOW, what a score! A day like that is what keeps us going back!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Good God Laurie! The Junking Goddess has truly tapped into your kitsch sensibilities, hasn't she? That is one serious motherload directed into your radar.

Nice score on the Meyercords. Those are always a good seller. Happy Day!

Lisa P

I so love to see all you find week to week - this was truly a mamma jamma vintage jackpot. I'm convinced all the good stuff is in the northwest!


I think it's safe for me to stop looking for deer for you ... that looks like a lifetime supply! Wonderful stuff, especially those animal heads (which I'm sure do not exist on the East Coast!)


It's so amazing to me how you "attract" those cool items! It's a gift, it is!!!!!!


SIGH........I think you're a magnet for all things fun! Didn't have time this morning to look at your blog and I am just shocked how lucky you are :-)Everything must gravitate towards you and know it's supposed to go home with you :-p


Oh my goodness Laurie who but only a Magpie could find 40 new/old reindeer. Love it!!!!!!!

Lisa W.

Sale B. was the one alright - Wow ! What a great pile of stuff ! I esp. love the little glittered reindeer ( they remind me of yours ! ) Good for you Laurie ... enjoy your son's summer vacation.


OH my gosh, you found a pink flocked reindeer!!! Love all that vintage Christmas stuff! You sure did pick the right sale!!

Into Vintage

Unbelieveable! And those little animals (the tigers!) -- so cute. I picture the walls of your studio starting to bow from all the vintage goodness packed inside. :-)



Do you have any suggestions of the best places to find those type of decals? I was fortunate enuff to find a beautiful old baby highchair at Goodwill for only $6.00!!! I've painted it and I'd love to find an old decal to put on it. I guess I can look on Ebay.


Hi Laurie,
Great, great finds!!! I especially
like the Meyer decals. :) just
love the look of them. Oh you must
be so happy to have your Son home
from college. Enjoy!

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