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June 24, 2011



I had a garage sale too today but I bet yours will be so much more awesome than mine. Hope you sell a bunch but I wish I was there.


Oh how tempted I am to get in the car right now and drive all night to get to your garage sale, that and a studio tour, please? (nice enough?) :o)


Oh that Halloween kitty! He is just the best!
You had quite a good day. Good for you. I found some treasures too. I found an 8x10 black and white photo of a baby on an pony and I swear that baby looks like me at that age! Even the little curl on top of the head. Hmmm?
I might see you tomorrow. Good luck.

Into Vintage

After reading this post, I'm convinced we are not attending estate sales on the same planet!

Sooo tempted to get up early and drive to the East Moreland 'hood but I'll be good and shop in my own hood. Hope you sell a bunch. Please don't tell me what I missed out on.


SIGH.......Can't make it up there this weekend and I'm sad :-( Was hoping we could make it up to your neighborhood sale and actually yours and finally meet you in person! One of these days. Would love to see your studio too.

PS.....you are one lucky person to find all those vintage goodies! Have a great weekend...and hope you sell lots!


What a lot of great finds especially that Halloween stuff oh my gosh! If I were in the area I surely would drop in on your and want a tour too.


Wow- so many fun goodies, I don't even know where to start! That snowman corsage caught my eye immediately-- so cute!

Oh, how I wish that I could go to your garage sale! I bet you are very organized, and have lovely displays :) --oh yeah- and I bet you have great stuff too!


Musings from Kim K.

I'm sneaking off for a week away and had to check your blog to see what goodies you found. I'm sooo envious of your Halloween items. You lucky lucky lady.


I have to say i love that Ice can. How cute are those and what luck that there are 3 to stack. Amazing stickers. Those are some of my favorites...so easy to store...congrats and best of weather...smiles...Renee

Heidi German

Ooh, wish I was in your neck of the woods to shop at your garage sale! Those little snowmen with the pink glittery hats are just so HAPPY!


Those Christmas corsages are great! Years ago, when I had different curtains in my kitchen, I used to use Christmas corsages as tie-backs during the holidays - cute! Good luck with your sale today - sounds like good weather. We are going out of town for the day so I'm missing out on your fun.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Wow, if all that Halloween is Beistle, then all the duds of the day were surely made up for with that find alone! Happy Day!


I'm feeling a little dizzy (good reason to go lie down on a rainy Saturday, I think) - I adore the Christmas corsage and the snowman ice packs. That's quite a haul of Halloween, too!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Once again, you've proven that you are the Estate Sale Queen! I went to one on Thursday and got that same little witch girl diecut. I was beyond thrilled! Do you happen to know if it's Dennison? I got a bunch of Halloween diecuts, and some are marked and some aren't. Hope your sale went well, and that right now you're whipping up some Tummy Tingles for the family!


Hi Laurie,
Oh I wish that I lived closer,
so that I could visit with you,
browse your garage sale and pretty
please ask you to see your studio.
Wonderful treasures that you found at the sale too.



Was that Thursday sale the one in Gresham? I couldn't get to it until about noon but I was amazed by some of the stuff I was digging out of boxes there. Great finds for you!!

Kim G.

Two dollars! Gee-how! I can't believe the stuff you find and the prices you pay! Love all of it!

one gal's trash

Gold mine baby, gold mine!
I would love to buy or trade for the expandable funeral rack...could use it for vertical space to hang framed prints when I do shows...Kick it around will ya?


I'd sure love to be at your garage sale too! And see that incredible studio! Would you believe I have one of those racks for displaying funeral flowers???! We are definitely from the same mold aren't we? Great deal on the vintage Halloween!!!! Lucky gal again!


I want to go estate sale shopping with you!! You find the best stuff! Love the Christmas corsage and the fun halloween cards! I have a collection of Gurley and Tavern candles, similar to those.


I just love the snowman with glitter hats!!!

Pam Fromuth

How I missed the corsage with the pink hatted snowmen, I will never know. That would make a lovely Christmas present for a certain Dot you know, just in case you were wondering.

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