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June 17, 2011



You call this pretty good and not amazing? Looks amazing to me! :-)
Love those little elves.....I have like 200 different types of those. Those come to me like how the spun heads are attracted to you LOL. I have a bunch of those cute Japanese dolls too. Lucky you ;-)

Musings from Kim K.

Good finds. I especially love your "Outdoor Pals" paper dolls. I'm sneaking in a few favorite blogs before I put the finishing touches on Josie's birthday party batcave. Thanks for making my morning!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Meri Wiley

Whats even funnier is that I still see older adult men dressed like those boys.....they must be the original models!

Ah, your Christmas score was amazing, not just pretty good.......you are too spoiled! If you ever need to make more room for goodies, you can ship stuff to me!!!

Big Hugs,


Wow! That green basket and the whale are my favs!


Oh those paper dolls with the argyle socks! Fabulous.


Fun stuff as always. Those guys are real fashionistas!

I found an 1899 copy of a book yesterday that make me oh, so happy. And, for a mere 50ยข. Little things make me (us) so happy!


The paper dolls are great. I have a couple lined up on a book shelf in my art room and call them "my little helpers".
The elf and the clown are kind of freaky. I'm not sure I would trust them - LOL!


Zootsuitmama and I have the same eyes...I love the basket and that whale is so cute! I have never found a whale in all these years of collecting the animal planters!


Well, Dick and Dave sure made me laugh. Gee-willikers!! hahahaha!

This was great.


Love that whale planter-- it made me smile :)


PS: Those paper dolls are way cool.


Okay that's it I just can't take it...those bendable dolls from Japan, in my lifetime I will never ever find one of those!! Oh and the paper dolls, have never in my life run onto those either and I'm old too !!

Into Vintage

I'm moving to Portland right now. Your 'pretty good' sales blow the doors off anything around here!

Did Clay Aiken pose for those paper dolls?


These comments crack me up and of course say it all. I love those bendable dolls but were they toys or decore? I swoon over those Easter baskets. The only one I have found was missing pieces from the plastic. Another fantastic estate find...Abe is wonderful and the bully tuck in is too sweet...Thanks again...Renee


What do you mean not great?! Oh, you're getting spoiled rotten!!


Even if you didn't stuff your trunk, you did really well! The Easter basket is adorable.

Vintage by Crystal

Looks like you're rarely without luck on your side during a day of sales! That plastic Easter basket is just darling!!


I never see any of that cool stuff around here! It's like you live on some wonderful vintage/retro planet- and I wanna go there immediately! Great finds- love them!


One of these days I'm going to have to brave the estate sale crowds this summer-- you always have such great treasures!


Whenever I read your estate sale posts its makes me want to go to one IMMEDIATELY! Of coarse, my finds aren't nearly as awesome as yours. Thanks for always sharing the pictures with us. If we can't find all that great stuff, at least we can look at yours! Love the paper dolls the best!

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