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July 12, 2011



Your glasses are so cute that they could drive a girl to drink. Call me crazy but drinks just taste better in old glasses. I am serious!
Love them!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I agree with Melissa, that everything tastes better in old glasses, and you've got a really great collection! I remember whenever I was at Grandma's, I'd have my orange juice in a rooster glass every morning. And I haven't bought a Swanky Swig in years, back in the days when I could get them for less than a buck!


I love these. I have a set that I use everyday that I thrifted. But only a handful of the tiny animals. To have a box set would be beyond. I can only imagine it must be like walking into a beautiful Woolworths at your house. Dreamy...Renee

beth smith

so funny- i have a "Happy cupboard" where these are the only things allowed :) the mix of patterns is wonderfully cheerful!


You KNOW how much I love these! I was reading Martha Stewart while waiting for my daughter to get her hair cut (which is a long way of saying I don't know if it was the current issue or an old one) and saw really adorable sour cream glasses. I thought I should collect them, but then I remembered how many Swanky Swigs I had....


I just love those!!! I have some to and they are super cute!!


These are just so happy I guess is a good word for this collection!

What is the strangest things you have seen a collection of at an estate sale that people have had?

Spoon post soon? Happy Day!!


Hi Laurie,
Oh my, I just love your collection
of the Swanky Swigs! I especially
like the florals and of course,
the animals! I don't have a one!
:( I will have to try to find
some....very, very soon.
Thank you for showing this great
collection. : )



That is a darn cute collection. I especially like the animals. Are these in your cupboards or on shelves where you see them? Just curious how you display them :)


Michelle Dwyer

Who made your Magpie Ethel title banner? I absolutely love it... and would love how to make a cool one for my blog:


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