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July 19, 2011



It makes me wonder how many boxtops or can labels housewives saved to get these prized spoons. I have a Gerber Baby Spoon Ring - with my son's name and birth-date on in - can't remember how many baby food labels it took, but spoon rings were a hot item the year he was born.


Wow....I didn't even know they had spoons like these out there!Someone gave my son a Mickey Mouse silver spoon when he was born but I just figured it was "Disney" they make everything. What a great collection. Thanks for sharing BTW looks darling over your stove!

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow these are amazing. I really enjoyed seeing these. I don't think I realized how many advertising spoons there are out there. This was one of my favorite collections.


Yea was so happy to see the spoons made it. Thank you!
I had no idea either there was so many different ones out there. How interesting!! This is one of my favorite collections you have done.
Happy Day!!!

Mary B.

That collection was a great surprise. I don't remember ever seeing those except the newer ones. Were they all found at estate sales? I enjoyed that so much!
Thank you for showing your spoons.
Mary B.


Wow, I'm impressed! Some of those I've never even heard of. Nice collection.


This is a great collection. Since I don't look for spoons, I had no idea there were so many advertising spoons...all I've seen collected are the states. The dog food spoon is so clever with its special shape. I also like how they look over the stove. Which is your favorite?


I have a collection of baby spoons tha I have acquired. I keep them all in a silver monogrammed baby cup.

I have been searching for an Oneida Minnie Mouse spoon for years. I had the set as a child and somehow lost the spoon. I still have my Mickey Fork.

Are you about to run out of collections yet? I bet not. :)


wonderful collection Laurie. I just have two spoons in mine and one is from my childhood I didn't see it here, a clown on one side and an elephant on the back. I received the package yesterday in a very crushed box but all was well inside, thanks so much!

Into Vintage

I feel like a broken record here but I've never seen anything like these before! Are most of them silverplate? Were you sharing a bit of your vintage tablecloth collection as well since I couldn't help but notice them behind the spoons. Lovely.


I love love love this collection! I have never seen anything like it, the dog food spoon is great.


COOL! what a great collection!


This was a great post to read through! I had no idea these kind of spoons even existed. I see the state ones all the time and just assumed that is what spoon collectors collect. These are wonderful and so special that you have one from your childhood and one from your grandfather.


These are fabulous! I've never seen them before! Yes, that's right, something I actually don't collect! I'm sure I'll start seeing them at antique malls now! How fun!

Carly Basso

I'm new to your blog and looking forward to following it!
I too enjoyed your amazing spoon collection! It was a great post. I also love your beautiful little doll you made for Renee!
Look forward to reading more of your posts!
Carly ;)

Groove Cloth Kathy

Trivia time. You mentioned Tony the Tiger twice. Did you know he was voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft, who also sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" but never got mentioned in the Grinch credits because someone accidentally left his name out. Trivia end.

This post and the last one make me want to jump six years ahead to 2017 and see if:
1. You ever found the Kewpie doll spoon?
2. Did the clematis ever work it's way around that cool new horizontal trellis on your garage?

Inquiring minds want to know, but I will be patient.

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