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July 26, 2011



So glad I found your blog Laurie!
Love looking at it first thing in the morning. Brings a smile to my face every time to see your collections and studio. Is that Little Audra or Audrey standing there on the little ladder? I loved those cartoons.
Thanks for sharing :-)


I adore coasters. In fact my kids have a knack for placing their cups right next to coasters and not on them...go figure. Don't think I have ever seen the crochet kind. On the look out for those now...Girls are great about finding the cuteness in all things...smiles...Renee

Into Vintage

Nice to hear you are passing along your vintage genes to the next generation -- when I was a teenage I wouldn't have known vintage from a hole in the ground! (although our home was filled with my mother's antiques which I wasn't interested in at the time)

Yet another reason to learn to crcohet! :-)


There's a pizza place in our town that's in a former garage, with kind of a car accessory motif. (The napkins are the oil wipes that mechanics use (but not used!)) Anyway - if they knew those car mat coasters existed, they'd be in the market for them for sure. Those are really cute.


Hi Laurie, The question I have saved aside should I ever get the chance to meet you is, "What do you have planned for your amazing collections?" My own children want no part of my "cute" legacy; so I am curious if you ever think about the future of your wonderful things. I absolutely adored your newest thimble creation. What fun when your collections "speak" to you in your art! Have a great week! Elizabeth


Love the floral glass coasters. I don't find them very often anymore.

I also love Magpie Ethel Tuesdays. I keep thinking that you MUST be running out of collections by now.

Happy Tuesday


A coaster for a pitcher! I never would have guessed that existed but now that I've been to the damp, hot south I get it, and I love it.
We just returned from New Orleans where my daughter's new husband is from, which prompts my question.....Show me your collection of Mardi Gras/ Masquerade things. I would love to see if you have any.


Gotta love those little blue birdies. The floral ones look great on the wall!


Oh, my. Love the bridge coaster/trays. I have never seen those. As a "bridge orphan" and a life-long treasure-hunter, I'm surprised...now the hunt begins! Love the floral cozies and the pitcher coaster too!

Debra Ganas

Your collections never cease to amaze me. The "car mat" coasters are the bomb. Who knew such a thing even existed?
And I wouldn't use the cute coasters either.
I was flipping through a magazine a couple of years ago and saw your picture with your trays. I said "hey that's Laurie, I "know" her.lol
Thank you for sharing your "stuff" with us.



Hi Laurie,
You have the greatest collections!
The car mat coasters are really
different and I've never seen
those before. I don't blame you
for keeping the cute cardboard
coasters in their box. They are
too sweet to use. :) Love it all!

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