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July 09, 2011


acorn hollow

great finds as always I can't wait to see what you do with the dolls with missing bottom half.


Great junk!!! Certainly worth digging for.
I want to see what you do with the string doll, too.


OMG...Laurie you did AWESOME...can't wait to see what you found in the hoarder's home... I know this is going to bee a good one....have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs! ;O)


Laurie I read it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything. So much good stuff. All different and neat. I ran across and entire cabinet of candles last week at a sale? Not in one of those fantastic boxes but yeah they did keep everything. The wrapping paper is darling. But the leaf cherub steals the show...nice job for an hour...smiles...Renee


I can't think of a much more fun and fruitful hour and 18 mins! the little celluloid doll on the leaf is a cutie. Anxious to see the HOARDERS haul.


You have the gift of hitting the perfect sales. I was only able to hit one in Vancouver on Friday and my box of stuff is still in the trunk lol, waiting to sneak it past hubby. I didn't find anything nearly as fun or interesting as you did. My favorite find's were an old metal kaleidoscope and some sewing notions from the 1890's. Your cherub on the leaf takes the cake though! Like the others I can't wait to see the hoarders post :)


You are in such a great area to hunt treasure!!

Into Vintage

Uh-mazing! You always seem to find things I've never seen before - you're a vintage magnet. :-) That stripey suitcase is dang cute.


You did good!! I think the little guy on the leaf is wearing an acorn for a hat.

I can hardly wait to see the hoarders post.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and pouring over your post. What a lovely way to start my Sunday morning. Amazing finds. I especially love that leaf cherub. I can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies!!


Oh, my, my, Laurie what fun. What an absolutely perfect sale!! And - THE FULLER BRUSH MAN!!!!! Geez, girl, the stuff you make me remember. I still have a brush from the Fuller Brush Man. I remember them coming around. Big ole black briefcase full of every kind of brush you can imagine. Well. This was fun. Thanks! - Kathy

Ronda L

Awesome finds! Did you know that the little "indians" came from reservation schools for donations?

I have had several of these over the years.


Wow! You scored! I love it all, but my favorite is probably the little two legged cabinet. So cute. I have two metal chairs just like the ones you found. You had a great estate sale day!


Now I spy something that blew me away Laurie. It's that little one which is on the eucalyptus leaf. This is from the books by May Gibbs. Such darling stories of Australia and the adventures of the little people with drawing that are so darn sweet. My books is Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. It's a beautiful book with color illustrations. The tiny ones only wear the caps not clothes and have all manner of adventures. Look them up. Nan


WOW!!! What a haul of awesome stuff! I have not seen any estate sale with so many goodies in a very long time. Re: the glass birds with no tails...tip them tail end down and carefully shake...sometimes the tail feathers end up inside the body when the old adhesive dries out. I saved several of these old birdies and was bemoaning the fact that they were tail-less, when a friend junker gave me this tip. Ya never know! *e*


You find the BEST treasures of anyone!!! It's just amazing that all the good stuff is where you live! LOL..
Loved seeing the good stuff!
deb :)


Hi Laurie,
More wonderful finds! I especially
like the Ball jars and the cute,
cute, vintage nursery wrapping
paper. You find the greatest
things. :)


Wow! This just might me my favorite haul of yours of all time!! The old ornaments, beat up or not are sooooo beautiful and the celluloid cuties with the bare bottom...and all that dresden! Amazing! I would be lying if I said my jealously has been reined in. ;)

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