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July 31, 2011


Musings from Kim K.

So many fun things. I've been scrolling up and down your blog post to soak it all in. Good thing you had extra hands for all your special goodies! Will your spunhead kitty being going into a Halloween creation? I'm definitely going to keep watching.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Laurie, your posts are always so much fun, and that first picture is a riot! There's been many a time when I've been glad to have that extra pair of hands. I wish I could talk my friend into getting up early on Sundays to go to the flea market with me, because I had to go back to the car and unload because I found so much stuff! Love everything, and you always come home with the cutest stuff!

Meri Wiley

All right.....how much do you want for the wallpaper? Honest to goodness, you are one especially lucky lady to be blessed with so much vintage goodness. If I came out to visit you, you'd never know whether it was to actually see you or go to an estate sale with you....wink! Okay, okay, it'd be to see you.....I confess...you're one cool lady.

But I wouldn't say no if you twisted my arm to go out estate sale(ing) with you!

Big Hugs,


If I could pick one thing it would be that black cat - but the thought of you with four hands is much scarier!

Debra Ganas

I am on an "estate sale high" just looking at your haul. Wow, You sure know how to find it. So much better with a friend. But honestly I do know if I would be THAT good of a friend and let you have all the goodies. lol




Show me your collection of tree skirts! :-)


Oh my gosh Laurie that was so much fun! I knew you got a boat load of goodies but didn't realize how much until looking at all of your photos. Way to go! Who knows the damage we could have done had we been able to talk ourselves into their basement :-).....next time.


Such fun goodies and so great to have a friend to help. Who wouldn't want four hands?? Sorry I missed seeing you this weekend.


How cute are all these? I am going to need those darling stationary boxes...Love finding those. Nice job. Glad you had an extra set of hands. You needed them to guard your pile! Smiles...Renee

Elizabeth Holcombe

I've come to the conclusion that folks in the Northwest NEVER throw anything out! Great stuff as always.~~Beth


Love the picture with four hands - LOL! You really did score some great stuff. I guess it just goes to show there are still goodies to be had even when you aren't first in the door!


WOW some wonderful treasures!! Good thing you had an extra pair of hands:)

Into Vintage

Is Paula available for hire? She sounds like the ideal shopping partner! Sounds like you're getting close (or maybe you're already there) to having a collection of vintage soda cans. And I have to wonder ... is the studio full yet?


I want to go shopping with you! You know where to find the coolest stuff! I love the little bluebird stationery.


Um jealous here! Once again you have struck vintage gold and with help none the less. The soda cans and the pencil are a small piece of heaven. I did not go out this weekend and it was really, really hard not to. I had that little voice in the back of my head saying "Krista, there is a sale right down the road and it has everything you have ever looked for and they are almost giving it away. You know you want to go" I must admit my room is full and I have to either craft or list on my etsy before I accumulate any more awesomeness. It may take physical restraints this weekend because I am already starting to think about it lol.


Hi Laurie,
I was scrolling down from your
Tues. collection post and when I
saw your picture, I started to
laugh! Great pic! :) :) Oh my
you most certainly did find a lot
of great wonders at that sale!
Love it all, but was especially drawn to the plastic lipstick toy, (I remember those!), the spun cotton black cat, the dennison stickers and the cute!!!! pencil top!! :)
You really did need 4 hands to
gather all the goodies you got!

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