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July 14, 2011



Are you for real? I know you have an amazing studio but yard too? No wonder you're always so happy. I would have a "happy day" too if I lived there. Thanks for showing all us blogland people your home and studio. How fun!! I was up late last night going through your blogs again. Please don't EVER stop doing your blogs!!!!! Doreen :-p


Wow, thanks for that wonderful tour! You guys put a lot of work into it and it shows. I just wanted to sit down and have some lemonade! Love the bird house sign over the doors. Also the turquoise table. It is especially great since it was your grandfathers. Love stuff from my grandparents. They also had one stained red. Makes me wonder what happened to it and wish I had it!


I love all the different galvanized containers and the barn light

Maria (Magia Mia)

That there is a slice of heaven. I wouldn't ever wanna leave. :)

Dontcha just love False Indigo? I got one several years ago and it is the gift that keeps giving, bigger and lusher every year.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love all of the vintage things that you have in your yard/garden, and the family heirlooms too. It's all so charming! And you're making me want some blue hydrangeas. All I've ever had is pink, but that blue is just stunning!

Kim G.

Your back yard is a treasure. I heart bluebell.


Hi Laurie, I knew I would envy your back yard. I wish mine were small like that and already mature. Yours looks so inviting and comfy. I love the furniture and the yard art and all your beautiful flowers. What a very HAPPY space....I'm so glad you enjoy it,

Lisa W.

What a wonderful outdoor space you have made Laurie ! A proper little secret garden .... I Love it !

Musings from Kim K.

I'm making my husband come peek at this post. It's just delightful and we're always looking at different ways to play with our yard. What a lovely outdoor oasis you have created. All the little details are just fabulous. I especially love how you are using that vintage toybox as an outdoor coffee table. To have pieces from your grandfather is pretty darn special too. Thank you for the delightful tour!


I love it! I love the fact that all your "old" stuff looks industrial and modern. I have a lot of old stuff in my yard and lots of old motel chairs and gliders too. I think I am up to 14 chairs now. I want to find a vintage child's chair someday. For now, I have three from Lowe's that look old, except they are shiny and wll painted. And you know me, I like my stuff chippy! Have a happy day in your wonderful yard!


Laurie...absolute perfection. From the sandbox/table to the perfect rust flower cart. The turquoise pops of color add just enough. I would stay outside all day. Gee too low of temps? What is that? Bluebell is a doll. Your title should have been "What Women Create". Crafty Queen...smiles...Renee

P.S. Can't wait for the mail!

Debby Messner

I love it all, the house, the garage, the lowers, your studio.....so cool, just like you.


Oh my, I love, love your outdoor space. You've made is whimsical and charming and utterly welcoming!



Your garden is delightful! I love the outdoor "room" look and your is very inviting. What a joy to work in your studio and come out for a break on that patio. I think I would be pulled in two directions, running in and out!


It looks so welcoming and comfy. I love it.


Laurie, Your backyard is truly an extension of your studio. It's as inviting as your creative space. So many ideas to take away here. Swanky Swigs - two of my most favorite words! I have been looking for over a year now to replace my broken black animal glass. If you come across an extra, I would gladly purchase it. Why I wonder are there no black ones to be found? Were they broken more easily? A mystery for sure! Enjoy your beautiful yard this weekend! Elizabeth

Into Vintage

Absolutely charming down to the last little detail! That sandbox table is incredible -- I'd have my coffee out there every day. We have neighbors with those bobbing flamingos at the end of their driveway and I give them a tap every time I pass by them while out on a walk. Love that barn lamp too -- your eye for detail is awesome!


LOVE the tour, Laurie! So beautiful and relaxing! I was going to ask you a question, but I forgot what it was...something to do with the climate where you live, I think. Oh well. Thanks again for the great tour! Take care!

Laurel :)


Hi Laurie, Oh what a wonderful
tour!!! :) Everything is so
charming and it truly must be
such a happy, happy place to live
in!! Your hydrangea's are lovely!
Mine turned out well this year,
and I don't know if it was the nasty winter that we had or the
very wet spring, but, I have more
blossoms than ever before!
Thank you so much for the tour!

Sandy McClay

I am in awe!!!! I look at your yard and see the most wonderful things!!!!! I would never want to leave it...except tp go into your studio! The work this must entail...I can't imagine! You and your hubby have a gift...no doubt about it!!!!!!


Wow, what an absolutely lovely yard! It makes me want to curl up with an iced tea and a good book!


i'm coming to your house for coffee and inspiration!!! you have magic! if i wasn't a military spouse, i'd decorate my garden like yours for sure!! moving every 2 years makes it hard to have that cumulative awesomeness you have leading to your studio!!!! i LOVE, LOVE the pink stove and lil ceramic animals on that chippy white garden rack. you always inspire me!!!!!! i love your blog.


OMG...sorry it took me so long to leave a comment...but I just have revived myself after fainting after seeing your BEEAUTIFUL area... you are one amazing chickadee and blessed gal... havea a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs! ;O) xox

birdie blue

your garden is gorgeous, laurie. i'm dying over miss 'bluebelle', love her!


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