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July 21, 2011


Lisa W.

Your creative genius is matched only by your energy ! A job well done .... and what a wonderful surprise that the little celluloid doll is a tape measure ! I love it when that happens ......

Into Vintage

SO good to know others operate this way. I can barely move my elbows at my desk at the moment -- I'm just hunched over my computer so I don't knock anything over. Good grief. :-)


I volunteer to come and clean up next time. It would take me days to get through oh and awing...Can't believe you found that sweet treasure. I love vintage notions. She is quite the find...Lord knows it takes a mess to make a masterpiece. Smiles...Renee


Your studio is what I would call a Beautiful Mess. Now it is just beautiful! I am cleaning out my Office and I found a 1925 copy of a French Nursery Rhyme book as my surprise. I have no memory of it, but it really made my week finding it. Happy creating! (I am amazed that you don't have some cool vintage clock in there! Althought PINK rates pretty high in my book)


So do you have a tape measure collection?


You are my hero. I live in a very small house and always thought I was pretty good at fitting a lot of stuff in a small space but you are the QUEEN!
That little tape measure is SWEET.


Such a darling tape measure.
I love your little studio and it was good to see that you can make it a mess. Makes me feel like I'm not such a slob after all.


My son was here looking over your blog and I showed him my latest items I bought from you! Very impressive!


Sigh....Your studio still looks good even when you say it's in a chaotic state.I love "peeking" in there! How fun to have your own little space out there surrounded by the things you love :-)

Debra Ganas

Laurie, I would be right at home in your studio. My looks close to yours but I do not have all the pastel goodness that you do. All I see in mine is a lot of
mic-a lic-in-nous piles. (misc.)
But I do love sorting through my piles too.
Your hidden gem a adorable.

Junque Magnet

So glad to know I am not alone.I need to see things to create.So out come the bins and boxes and then I root through them looking for that "just right" embellishment.And then chaos reigns!A never ending process.

Kim Budash

All I have to say is "WOW" would I LOVE to peak inside your craft space, it would probably take me weeks with looking at everything. That is how my space looks, although you have alot more vintage goodness versus what I have. I loved looking into your room. Your style and your blog are amazing. I love reading your blog daily. Keep up the great work!


Oh to rummage through that room!!!


I always dread those big clean-ups but it always feels so much better when it's done. I adore those little pincushions - that one is really wonderful.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I organized my craft area last year, and now I can't find a darn thing! Your studio might have been a mess to you, but to me it's just magical!


I bet even when everything is out you still can go right to what you need quickly. It is a very organized "clutter", the very best kind!
I will be glad to come take some of your collections home with me, you know all in the name of helping you out. That's what friends do... :o)

My Blessed Serendipity Life

i loved looking at pictures of your studio. So many treasures and things to create with.


Meri Wiley

I have an excellent idea.......ship everything to MEEEEEE!



I could look at pictures of your studio all day. Its reminds me of one of those kids books where there is a huge amount of stuff and it says "can you find the ..." Love it! The doll tape measure is ADORABLE. I found a plastic green one (same green as your kitchen) with a tiny button in the center to recoil the tape and I just love it. Sometimes it is the smallest things that make you happy :)


I love your studio! I'd give anything to rummage through the bins to find the treasures within!


Hi Laurie,
Oh Wow.........great pictures of
all of your precious goodies! :)
When I initially looked at the pics, I immediately thought of the
5&10 (Woolworth's) stores and how
I remember seeing sooooo many items
that you have! I hope it doesn't
sound too odd... (lol). Thank you
for the pics so that we can peek!
I would have a grand time in your
studio. Love the tape measure and
the charms. :)


Oh my gosh, you have even more ribbon than I do. I should show my husband, so he will stop making comments about mine. :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little green child size cupboard. Your studio and stash is amazing!


You don't know how much better I feel about myself now that I saw your "before" photos!!! My workroom always looks like that when I'm in peak production mode....how on earth can anyone be efficient at making lots of creations if you're constantly putting everything away? I can't do it. However, there does reach a point when I have to STOP and regroup!! :)

Thanks for this great share! Dana

PS visiting by way of Elizabeth's blog.


Oh....and I also had a grandmother named Ethel!! :) dana

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