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August 31, 2011



Those are absolutely amazing! So beautiful, the colors are wonderful.
Mine did not make it this year the weather was just not to their liking.
I bet your kitchen windowsill is just glowing :)


Oh My Gosh those are pretty Dahlias. What a nice friend to let you cut her flowers too.I just went back to your other posts to refresh my memory on your other "obsession" LOL.
Dahlias are just so cool esp the range of sizes and colors they come in. I cut flowers and have them all over too. Makes your day a little brighter when you're surrounded by a small garden indoors doesn't it?
Have a great day ;-)

Into Vintage

Gorgeous! Dahlias are just amazing. Out here in the Hood, we have a couple u-pick fields full of dahlias - it's overwhelming to see so many one place. Love them!

Meri Wiley

Lucky you.......those are gorgeous. I wouldn't have turned them down either....in fact I might have dug up the plants and taken them ;o) I'm so wicked...LOL

Thanks for sharing such beauty.



Beautiful boquet! My husband grows a long row of dahlia's along the side of our garage. My favorites are the 'novelty" ones like the red and yellow one in the center of your picture. I like to cut the big blooms to float in the birdbath.


What a super friend!! Dahlias are one of my favs. They come in so many colors, styles and sizes. Fun and happy flowers!!
Yours, the salmon, is just beautiful.


Laurie, for you Dahlias, for me Zinnias. This would be a dream come true request for me as I am a flower picker from the very beginning of time. I am going to read your posts about your obsession, it will most likely be catching! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

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