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August 19, 2011



I'd say that makes up for the DUD day below! What fun things. I am sad to think of all the old things that are probably being thrown out because people don't think anyone wants them anymore. When some of us would SHRIEK to have them. Lucky you!


What a nice castoffs it turned out to be for you :-) Makes up for your "Dud Day" sort of. I shrieked for you too when I saw those spun heads...LOL. If I ever find any of those here, I'll make sure they make it up to you. It wouldn't feel right if I found them and not give them to you!
Good luck tomorrow !


Hi Laurie,
Oh wow.......what great castoffs!!
I have the same little Easter spun
bunny too!! :) also some chicks.
love them! I also like the foil
wrappers on the ribbon. :)
Wonderful treasure for sure.
P.S. oh, also LOVE the purple garland!!


Those chicks and bunny are too cute! Dang what people toss out! I read an estate sale website that said it best "don't throw away the little bits of life that you think are trash. fine antiques are nice but it is the everyday little stuff that makes a sale interesting." TRUE!


Ha..There is no such thing as a dud day at Magpie's house. People even bring her stuff on days of dud. These are some of your best ever. All in original packages That glass garland is fantastic....Renee


Dud-day ! LOL!!!
Great "castoffs" ...it's a hit and miss with some estate sales and how nice of them to think of you!
Happy Hunting!

Cindy Brewer

My Brother and sister are having a garage sale in Redmond this weekend...they are cleaning out my mom's attic....I have no idea what she has...wish I could be there..oh well thought I would let you know.
Hugs Cindy


Proof positive that one girls junk is another girls treasure! I am so happy they came to you instead of the dumpster!!


Must be nice to not only get free treasures but also have them delivered to you...
were you sitting on your chair eating bon bons and watching Oprah at the time?
Just kidding. The purple garland is gorgeous. The chicks and bunny I would keep forever.
I don't get the fasination with the foil wrapped ribbon however. I'm not judging. Just saying...

Musings from Kim K.

What fun castoffs!


That's it. I gotta get me some old friends.


Hi Laurie, so great to see you Thursday!! Sorry you had the DUD day but how nice to have little treasures given by a friend. You did get some great stuff....love the garland beads and the little chickies....

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