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August 02, 2011



Many years ago, I saw a woman at Fred Meyers wearing a pair of glasses shaped like butterfly wings (huge butterfly wings) with lots of large rhinestones. Every time I go to an estate sale, I look for those glasses.


I picked up my 1st pair of vintage glasses this last weekend, they are black and silver with lots of engraving and silkver flowers. The best thing about the glasses...they were my 2nd grade teachers, I had her for a teacher 50 years ago, her and her husband were downsizing, what a fun visit.


Those glamour sunglasses in the hubba hubba shot are fantastic! I can just see a beehive hairdo and red lipstick and a leopard print sweater!


Guess it would be silly now to ask to see your collection of embroidered fingertip towels ... enjoyed them and the specs!


OH my goodness, you are too fun! Maybe I should have kept all my old glasses. Do you think anyone will ever want the monster sized ones we wore in the 80's?
So.... do you have a chiffon scarf collection to go with these? Or a pearl necklace collection?


It is all in the details.....why they don't go back to that I will never understand. Love every single one of these. I don't have any yet but I will keep both eyes...peeled...smiles...Renee


I think the red cloth that says "Lips Here Please" might be for blotting lipstick! ??

Great collection Laurie!

Laurel :)


Show me your collection of ETHEL items!!!! I believe you mentioned having several items to keep the postcard company!!! Have you done this one yet?


Two collections in one!! This was such a fun one! Loved it!


...and I was just about to ask to see your eyeglass collection - THANKS Marci - and 'Ethel'!! I, too, pick up vintage frames. Unlike like you though, I can no longer wear my beloved contacts and am doomed to framed lenses - so I try to make the most of it with 'Variety on the Cheap'!! I have a GREAT Optician who Loves seeing/reminiscing about what I bring in for him to inspect and let me know if it is viable (for my RX) to put remove/fill the vintage frames with new lenses for daily wear. What most folks don't realize is that most of the cost of eyeglasses is in the frames, not the lenses! So, for about the cost of a cheap pair of jeans I can add another pair of glasses to my 'wardrobe' 8-)! Hey, if I have to wear them Every-stinkin-Day, I should have a variety.... right?!



What a fabulous collection!!!

Into Vintage

What?! You only modeled one pair? I may have been guilty of the lense-less-glasses-wearing in my youth as well. The joke's on me as now I can't read a thing without them. I'm a 1.75 already and none are as stylish as yours.



Thanks for showing that collection for me! Loved them all. I have a few listed on Etsy, never thought of wearing them, hmmm.... maybe I need to deactivate that listing! Also loved the little towels with sayings. Super cute!


Hi Laurie,
what a fun and great collection
of glasses!! :) I really like
all the details on them too, as
well as the colors.

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