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August 16, 2011



So that's what goes on over there in your studio......PARTY TIME @_@
Having my coffee and enjoying your blog of party things.The graphics are great. I kept my tin noisemakers because of one of your posts. It gave me an idea to just have them out in a glass container or something. Just fun to look at!
Thanks for the pics Laurie ;-)


Great graphics on those noise makers! I think I would be tempted to use the party hats as May beskets.


I think we should all just stop and have a party!!

Musings from Kim K.

This another favorite collection. Beautiful fringe and colors. I'm always scouring for noise makers. You have many lovely items.

Meri Wiley

What are we drinkin' at this party???? What time is it starting, cause I gotta' get my bag packed and head out the door, get in my car and drive a few hundred hours to get there. Maybe you can just come out here again!



The care that people took to keep these pieces in such good condition with their fragile nature is remarkable...The muddy colors and sweet graphics get me every time. I would have loved to plan a party with these...enjoy...Renee


You always have the best things over here...you amaze me with your collections...love the suitcase too. xoxo

Into Vintage

"I don't have either of those categories specifically,..."

Yet. :-) That's quite a party house you're living in!


I love all the old party stuff - thinking about what sort of parties they were used for all those years ago. I like that Collection #66 (the year of my birth) is Party stuff the week of my birthday. Like the way I make it All About Me? :D


Hi Laurie,
Oh what a GREAT and FUN party
collection! :) Love the colors
and graphics so much! It is so
much fun looking at your collection.
Love those party horns and crackers!

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