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August 23, 2011



Hi Laurie
Don't know anything about these figural jars but they're sure cute. Just sitting here having my morning coffee and I was thinking....not only do you like these type of jars.....they're blue too! Had to scroll down more to realize that you put colored water in them LOL. Need more coffee I guess.
Have a great day :-)


I can't believe you waited this long to show us this wonderful collection! They are amazing. I am surprised though that you don't have a Skippy the squirrel jar. He held peanut butter. Probably 20 years or so ago. I will have to save the next one I find for you. I may have an extra Santa jar (grape jam). I sort my buttons in them.

Didn't Bosco come in a bottle? Can't remember what it looked like -- maybe one that you have.

I love the Bo Beep bottle. I wonder how many of these were thrown in the trash. Oh, it makes me sad to think about it.

Thanks for sharing.


These are all wonderful! I have the Grapette Clown botle since it was made in Arkansas. I have it displayed by a huge old vintage Grapette metal sign. Iused to love to drink Grapette when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories.


http://byemylife.com/id37.html This website has a lot of your figural banks -more towards the bottom of the page. The Lincoln one held Lemon-lime Syrup. There's some good info on there about a lot of them.

Mary B.

Those were great! I had never seen most of your bottles. That seems like a fun collection, and you still have room to add to it. What about Aunt Jemima and the log cabin for syrup?
I love your blog. It is like a walk through history. Thank you for faithfully sharing with us.
Mary B.


I didn't realize there were that many different shaped jars.. thanks for sharing.


Now this brings up an old memory. I know I had one of these types of jars years ago. They are so pretty with the blue water in them.


Those are cute, I have never seen these jars. Nice

Heidi German

There's a kind of figural bottle I've been looking for but haven't seen anywhere outside of eBay. It's a spaceman and it held soda, I think. I want one (or more!) to display in my son's vintage space-themed bedroom! Can't remember the brand name, though.


These are pretty cool, and I don't think I've ever taken notice of them. I think my challenge for you is to get to 100 collections!


Wow, nice collection! I didn't realize there were so many figural bottles.

Cyndi Mauroni

How cute! I have the teeny dog jar with the original candies still in it. They are little round balls in different colors, almost like a cake decoration. It was nice meeting you at the plucky maidens junkfest.


This is another lovely item that I have never looked twice at. Far prettier with the color in it. What a fantastic collection. Thank you for turning the light on again and again...Smiles...Renee


Great jars, Laura. I didn't realize there were so many that made into a bank. The teeny dog is my fav.


This is a neat collection. I love the clock and the baseball. I must have a "thing" for round - who knew!

Into Vintage

Wow - these are really incredible and look perfect filled with the blue water. *Somewhere* around here I too have the little dog bottle and one shaped like a gun but no idea what the gun bottle was used for. 70!! Amazing. :-)


Hi Laurie,
Thank you for coming up with this
wonderful collection to show.!!
I had no idea that there were so
many different figural jars!
Love the kitty one and really like
the blue water in each. :)



Thanks for showing that cute collection. I too thought the glass was blue till I got further down and noticed the water. Ha. I have one shaped like a teddy bear, and one shaped like santa clause that is made from red glass. Fun stuff!


Show me your collection of STRAWBERRIES!

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