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August 12, 2011



You are definitely the Christmas Queen!!! Don't know how you seem to channel the Christmas goods, but you do! I bow down to you!


Wow....Looks like a great sale to me! I'd be doing a dance too if I found that tree stand esp at $3 :-)
Cute doll and recipe box. Of course the other goodies were a find too.
Have a great weekend!


Happy dance indeed. Been on the hunt for one of those darlings since I happened on my tinsel tree a few years ago. Recipe box is also on the list as the graphics are yummy but I have to say that dolly is darling in her tulle skirt and I don't normally like dolls? Glad you had a great time...smiles...Renee

Mitzi Curi

The things you purchased shouldn't have gone home with anyone else. They were waiting for you to come by and give them a second chance!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh, that tree stand! The graphics. Be still my heart!

And dontcha love that recipe box? I had one just like it and sold it on eBay a few years ago. The graphics and colors are truly some of the most striking I've ever seen on a recipe box, don't you agree?

Kim G.

That stand is too cool! 3 Bucks!

Into Vintage

Love the tree stand -- love the price even more! :-) I see those colored light bulbs all the time but never buy them because I don't know anything about them.


Hi Laurie,
Oh that is a wonderful Christmas
tree stand!!!!!!!!!! I'm so
glad you found it. :) The Storybook
doll is adorable too! Great Finds.


Great finds - that pieced fabric is delish!! Glad you got out and found some great stuff. I spent the day with the grand but will at least hit the VOA tomorrow.


Love that tree stand! What a great bargain~

Junque Magnet

Great finds.I have the same tree stand.I found it last year at a yard sale in it's original box and they only charged me $0.25! I am STILL doing the happy dance although I think I'm actually going to sell it this year.


I love that tree stand-- such a great find, at such a great price!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Don't you feel that if you wait long enough, something that you've been hoping to find will come your way, at your price? Congrats on finding that tree stand, and everything else. You did good!


The recipe box is one of the cutest ever. Is that one of those Nancy Ann dolls? I don't know anything about them but I see them on other people's blogs. Good stuff all around!


Super cute recipe box!!!

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