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August 26, 2011


Into Vintage

You are such a magnet for those awesome little vintage doodads. Not to mention an entire box of vintage tissue! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!


OM Goodness!
Be still my heart with that tissue paper, you do have a way about you (as Billy Joel would say....:0)


Great little bits and pieces. I don't mind those kinds of scores at all - they are little and easy to store and kind of "guilt free" - LOL!


Can't wait to see your Spunhead creations esp the mermaids :-)
I'm sure you'll put all those tiny pieces of fun to good use! Cute doll fridge too. Good haul on everything else.....Sigh.

Meri Wiley

Oh you lucky girl.......AGAIN! I'm on a listing for estate sales out here, but the good ones are always 50 miles away and driving is difficult for me. I guess I'll just have to keep being jealous of you....boo hoo!



For some reason I, too, am attracted to tiny things. I think my mom used to give me little things as a kid. I love the little horse heads and the
fridge. :>)


Love, love, love that fridge. That would make me happy for weeks from a sale. Never thought to look at the towels. How cute are those going to be beneath the row of swim caps. Spot on plastic finds. Another wonder living through you moment. Smiles...Renee


You could open your own vintage gift shop with your vintage tissue paper display. I love those towels! (And I think the refrigerator is Renwal - it's probably marked. You could start a new collection!)


SCORE!!!!!! Wow, Laurie. How you manage to find the stuff. What fun! Kathy


All very cool, but the t towel (sugar and spice ) is my fav!!


Fun stuff! That tiny fridge is adorable! I can't wait to see your mermaids!!!


Oh, I love the box of Dennison tissue papers! Right up my alley! If you ever want to part with it, I'll happily give it a home! Lovely finds!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think the unexpected treasures that we have to dig for are the best, don't you? LOVE that sugar and spice towel, and yes that other towel would make the perfect pillow for your future beach house!

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