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August 20, 2011



Happy Saturday Laurie! I have had a great time catching up on your treasures. I even liked the Dud Day! My favorite find in all these posts, I think, is the glitter. Something about glitter is wonderful. I had never thought to just display it. Great ideas you always share! (Still wondering over the ribbon collection though!) Enjoy Sunday, Elizabeth


Love the milk bottle card! Cute stuff!

Mitzi Curi

Nice finds, as usual! I recently purchased a box full of little jars of vintage glitter, just like yours. Too cute!


Another great find! Glad you had a great day....even though your days aren't really "duds" :-) Nice milk bottle card. Never seen one like that.I love that the milkman signed it too. Makes it even more special. Score with the Spunhead elf corsage and glitter too!


Love the ornaments and glitter:) My Abigail justloves glitter:) We are going to try make and wreath with pink ornaments this year.

Laura and Michele

That card that goes over the neck of an old milk bottle is our favorite also! You found some great things.

Have a lovely day,
Laura and Michele


This deffinately makes up for Friday! That nativity is just the best!!

Into Vintage

Yikes - that tablecloth is seriously gorgeous - I've never seen one like it before. I've got all kinds of vintage Christmas ideas in my head, now I just need to find some out there!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I was so shocked to see that you came away with nothing on Friday, because I'm one of those that think you always find something! Thank goodness Saturday was better. That old milk bottle card is fantastic, and I love going to sales where people have kept things like that!


That lovely rose tablecloth is a Wilendur, and it came in many different background colors. It's hard to find, and yours is just yummy! I, too, succumb to the lure of vintage glitter. I think we all do! Great stuff!


I am in awe at the size of that nativity. I have only found the tiny ones. A milk card is a keeper. All that glitter in one place...it was meant to be. Nice recovery...Renee


Loved that santa milk card-- oh, and the glitter! One can never have too much glitter.

I thought of you yesterday while I was in S.F. again at The Crown & Crumpet. Had fun chatting with the owner Amy. She took me on a little tour of her cute cupboards, etc. She's just as fun as her tea salon! I already have plans to go back for a Christmas tea and shopping. Dang, I love that place!



Great finds as always Laurie! I didn't go last week and when I read your posts it makes me wish I had! Love that Santa milk bottle card. I have never seen one of those. How great is it that George signed it. Ah, the good ole days... Well, they seem good to me, I don't actually remember milk being delivered (maybe when I was a baby?) Oh well, I can pretend :)

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