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August 11, 2011



OMG, I could live on homemade bread.
Literally, I could just sit and eat a loaf with nothing on it or with anything on it. My downfall is bread. That pamphlet is not allowed anywhere near me!!!


Adorable poem, although that bread fellow looks a little shady to me - LOL!
I had to stop baking bread because we LOVE warm bread, fresh from the oven, with real butter.


I've always been scared of those Friendship Bread starters. But, I guess if yours is 10-27 years old and you are still healthy, then it can't be that scary. Love the dancing bread guy - he should do a jig with The Breadman. :)


Happiness=a dancing biscuit.
Does it get any better? :o)


1. Anthropomorphic bread scares me.
2. HERMAN! You have herman starter. I think. I was just talking about this the other day. No one I knew had ever heard of "feeding" a starter. We used to call it Herman!
3. Tummy Tingles sounds like something best taken care of by a physician and a bout of antibiotics. Or worse.

That is all.
You made me smile!!


OMG! Too cute! My dd who is 10yo has had bread with butter and jam as her bedtime snack all her life...will probably continue until the end of time.....I love those ads.....too cute!


That poem says it all: That's exactly how I feel about bread! Sweet book!


Hi Laurie,
oooooooh, your bread looks really
yummy!! I did this some years
ago but, ...sadly didn't keep it
up. I do remember it was a fairly
new start-up and I believe the
instructions called it a Herman
Bread. I had to let it go when
my refrigerator went "kaplunk"!
That pamphlet is tooo cute!
I need homemade bread now......
Janis :)


Oh I love home made bread!!! Love the pamphlet to:)

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