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September 13, 2011



You make anything look good :-)
Now I wish I didn't get rid of an old globe we had....That was before I found your blog and saw all the cute ideas! I was trying to think where you stored them....A kid's room. Gave me another idea LOL.
Have a great day


Jealous! I bid at a silent auction on a globe like your top one but didn't get it. I love the look. I guess that is the teacher in me, or the wanderer...


I've had many globes over the years. They come and go. They are so fascinating to compare country's names and borders, how they change over the years, etc.
Great collection!


This is really a fun collection. I love the way they look grouped together. I'm guessing that banks might have given the "banks" to children to promote saving. I remember getting one from our bank when I was a child. It looked like a little book with a coin slot and had a key to open it. I wonder when the banks stopped encouraging saving???


My hand is raised I have a question...well multiple...I ran across a few of these recently. One was an Ohio art and I do love a great Ohio art graphic. Not sure on the pricing though. I passed on it. Sure I will regret that soon. Another was a globe for a desk at the thrift. Gorgeous muddy color with the USSR on it. I nearly grabbed it till I noticed someone had marked on it in pen? Probably should have grabbed it anyway as I could have repurposed for the stand...Thoughts on this would be ever so helpful. What a grand collection indeed. Smiles...Renee


Globes are one of the things that I'm always on the lookout for - my hubby is a geography teacher - now if I can just find a Scottie holding up a globe....


wow! one question...is there anything you DON'T collect??? and the bigger question...I know I said one :o}...how do you make all your collections look so darn good??!!?? I collect a myriad of stuff and sometimes feel like a candidate for "Hoarders...the early years" :o} *e*


Oh, I am jealous NOW! I love globes. I have an itty bitty collection. 4
Hardly counts. Love those banks!!
I'm with Elaine. What DON'T you collect??!! LOL


I also have a small collection (4) but love them. I especially like the teeny tiny one in the picture. I have passed on some and ended up wishing I would have bought them. Love how you have them displayed.


The globes are great, but I really love those pencil cans!

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