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September 02, 2011



...and a tiny elephant, tiny potted flowers, and tiny scotties?You DO live in estate sale wonderland!


SHRIEK....or as my 14 yr daughter always says "Scream" OMG.....Are you lucky or what!Nice to have good friends huh? I'm drooling over your vintage Christmas goodies!The Shiny Brite tree is in you color too.Bump Chenille wreath...right up your alley since you like chenille and of course those spun heads that gravitate to you like my knee hugger elves. I'm happy for you! I have so much fun watching you get all those vintage goodies.I get excited for you since I know how it feels to make a haul....LOL
Have a great weekend Laurie :-)


Limiting myself to three things that made me woozy: that pink ornament tree, the clothespin baby wrapping paper, and the decals. (I'm convinced spun heads did not travel east of the Rockies!)


That tree is amazing and those little turkeys are cute.


You did good!! I had a "Magpie-moment" yesterday when straightening out some drawers. I opened up a tin box and found several strands of glass garland. I smiled and thought of you.


What a super way to kick off the weekend and start to wrap up the season. SCORE you did! The best part is knowing how much fun you are having when you see each little treasure!!


That's it...you may not leave the house without me anymore. ha! these are the most amazing finds ever. Never have seen the tree, paper, greeting card stock...I am overwhelmed. They made pumpkin spun heads? Oh these could not have gone to a better home. Did you have to dig deep for these. These last couple of sales I have been to I have had to dig in the basement for my goodies. Enjoy everyone of these...consider that oz tin a gift from Kansas! Smiles...Renee

Kim G.

You scored! LOVE the Shiny Brite tree! Really fun spun heads! Happy Labor day weekend to you my friend!


Unbelievable! Lucky you!


Hi Laurie!

Wowzers is all I can say!!! I would just love to go to ONE of these sales. Unbelievable! I have never, ever seen stuff like this at sales I go to. :( Did you receive the package I sent you? I hope you liked it. Have a great weekend!

Hugs and smiles,


The decals are my fav! I also remember those Christmas ornament trees, but didn't know Shiny Brite made them! Cool!

Mitzi Curi

Wow, your weekend has been far more fruitful than mine! I especially love the vintage wrapping paper with the clothespins. Too cute!

Lisa W.

It was a BIg Bang ! What a pile of great stuff . I can't decide on a favorite thing .... too many to choose from . Think of what you might have missed if you had stayed #50 ! Good for you Laurie !


Oh Laurie, what a HAUL! Love, love that clothespin paper and the pink ornament tree. I KNOW you will make good use of those great spun heads and just in time for Halloween. It was meant to be! We had a rather stressful day in our family so I only made a quick run through the VOA but did score a good lot of vintage seam binding.

One Gal's Trash

Wowza..That is a season ending blowout for sure! Good job my little magpie!


Well this is just too much I can't stand it all those cutie things!!
I thought of you immediately when looking at a catalog that had spun head Christmas ornaments and using the vintage tiny ornaments for the body. I can get the image to you if you want to take a peek. I would love for you to make some for me to buy as they wanted a whole lot for them in the catalog. You might be able to make them more affordable. Nan


Your finds are AWESOME!!!I need to go to the "craft sales"...which hubby doesn't like to go to!
Have fun creating!
Deb :)


You lucky ducky!! With the wedding and everything this summer, I barely had time for good treasure hunting. I'm so jealous of your stash! As usual I suppose... :) But you've inspired me to get excited about next year! Yippee! (love the chenille wreath, purty!)


The Bunnyville Circus is just to die for! I also fancy the Wizard of Oz tin. Just love your looking at your goodies each week :)

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