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September 10, 2011



SIGH......Lucky You for sure :-)
I'm just amazed at all the goodies you found this weekend.I have a "groovy" looking witch in bell bottom pants that would look good with the owl LOL.
Love the layouts for your pics too. My jaw dropped down so I guess I better push it back up now.
Major score for you....High 5!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Okay, that does it......I'm stalking you to estate sales! I can't believe the amount of vintage crafting supplies you score.......I am Chartreuse with envy......


Oh my all these sweet things you found, how fun. That peacock you can fix up and I agree his little crown is too sweet. Looks like lots of fun there in store for you with all these goodies to play with.


I haven't seen this much holiday goodness, since, um, the last time you went to a sale. I may be dating myself, but I remember those order tags my mom would leave out for the milkman ... we always begged her to order the chocolate milk, but she always stuck with stuff like cottage cheese.


You find the best vintage christmas stuff! I think it's all gone in Florida. And I love the Let's Color in French book, I have been on a French book kick lately.


You did it again, Estate Sale Queen!! Each week I continue to be amazed and can't think of another word than that! I remember so many of those things. The metal soap holder is like one I used for years!


Laurie you lot is amazing as ever. Just when I think that you can't out do a sale you do. How wonderful are all these little knicks and knacks. The color books and holiday items are drool worthy. I love that elephant sticker...smiles...Renee


If I could have found just one teeny thing that you bought, I would have been ecstatic. The sales are so BLAH lately. I have preorders for "Shiny Brite" wreaths and I have not found ONE single ornament this entire year. I think maybe you and Barbara have them all.......:) Cooler temps are here so hoping the sales pick up and people start cleaning out those sheds and attics. You are certainly one lucky gal!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It's amazing how well you did, even being #40! Around here, they usually only let 10 in at a time. I always feel like if I'm not one of the first 10 to go in, I'm missing all of the good stuff!
I have that soap tin too, and it's traveled with me on every single trip I've taken since I was little!


WOW! You had a great estate sale weekend. Love it when that happens, it is what keeps us going back over and over again....


Wow...just like the others, jaw on the ground! I had to work most of the weekend so I didn't get out to the sales. I was able to go to the Goodwill Outlet where everything is paid for by the pound and you dig through bins. That was kind of fun. I recommend gloves though for anyone that does it.....ran across a few of those omg I almost touched that type of things. I found some vintage coloring books, a vintage monoploy game and some beauiful milkglass items. Nothing in comparison to your fun finds though :)



The reason I never find this kind of stuff is because YOU ALWAYS GET THERE FIRST! Ha! The early bird gets the worm. Or the Dennison stickers. Those little dolly shoes are adorable and I see you scored one of those old jewelry boxes, too. I adore those. What is the tall thing next to the owl?

Jenny (the polka dot pixie)

That Old Tomato birthday card just might be the the most awesome thing I have ever seen in my life! LOVE!!!

Bette (ourfreedom2)

I have the same peacock ornament. The tail is a peacock feather.


That's it. I'm moving to Oregon tomorrow!!!! I just can't believe what you find at these estate sales! :]

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