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September 24, 2011



Ha Ha Ha.....like the beginning of your post.The rest of it has made my jaw drop and I can't seem to push it back up...WOW! I couldn't believe how long I was scrolling to the end.Glad you had a great day. Love the Santa head blow mold....Haven't seen one like that.We didn't go out to any sales today but you just made my day/evening looking at your goodies. Thanks for the fun!


YAY!!!!! I always LOVE looking at your scores! Why don't we have estate sales around here? I must be doing something wrong.

GREAT Christmas finds as always!!!!!


All I can say is "lucky you!". My sales this week end brought me a couple vintage metal trash cans, a book, a couple figurines and a sweet drawer! Nice, but nothing like you have.


Oh my goodness. I am putting my name on so many of these things. Lets see...florist cards...greeting cards...clothes pin holder...blow mold (amazing). I could go on and on. You did unbelievably well. Nice job keeping your head up...smiles...Renee


Oh Laurie, what an incredible sale! I can't imagine finding so much great stuff all in one place. That misprint table cloth gave me a chuckle. I think they got the colors reversed and the cherries were supposed to be red. Ha! I'm going back to look at all your pictures again.


The first photo looks like my finds lately. The second photo looks like my finds in my DREAMS. Lucky, lucky YOU!


The clothespin bag is cool. Love that she's all dressed up to hang up the laundry.

My Shabby Roses

You did good! That house was packed full! I was wondering what kind of Christmas items you were finding on that table.


Holy moly! So much great stuff! I love the vintage linens and all those great ornaments!


I'm so glad Saturday made up for Friday ... you sounded a little despondent when last I heard from you! I think that recipe box is my favorite.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

All great finds, but that Santa blow mold? OH MY!!! I was #51 at an estate sale last week, and I could not believe that there was a bunch of vintage Christmas stuff still sitting there, waiting for me!




Wow. Again. Smile. Any chance the baby will go to Etsy?


It makes me feel better that you didn't find anything on Friday. I snuck out and drove all over Portland and came up with Zipola! I thought I did good on Saturday but once again I have to wipe the drool off my chin. You are going to have to teach me how to read between the lines in the ads to be able to pick the right sales. I was #18 at a Soroptimist sale but that didn't really matter because the house was big and people were light so they let everyone in. The lady was a craft hoarder :) I got a big box a all kinds of vintage holiday miniatures. It was fun just digging through that box when I got home. Their sales are always dirt cheap which you have to love. I basically filled my trunk (for $20...that makes me giddy) and could have done more damage but I was running out of time. I was a little disappointed however not to find any of the elusive spun heads.



Ok, I was feeling sad for you and then you just start bragging away...

Wow, what a haul! You must have been smiling all the way home. I was working all weekend setting up Country Calico so I didn't stop at even one sale. Poor me.

Cement chicken is my favorite.

Lynn Spencer

Wow, awesome finds!! I love all that vintage Christmas goodies.

Do you collect old Barbie's by any chance? I have a vintage Barbie who is in good condition but no original clothes, she is wearing a crochet dress, but the Ken that is with her is in great shape and has his original black suit with tie, socks, and shoes. If you would be interested in a trade for the Barbie and Ken let me know and I will send you pics of them.

Into Vintage

Your first photo cracked me up -- the rest of them shut me up. What a haul!


As always, WOW! Love all your finds. Your duckie is an egg cup, surely you have an egg cup collection to share, right? (I only have one, an aqua elephant and I love him!) Cheers


Hi Laurie!
I love all of the fun things on your blog and etsy stores. I have been searching for the conehead Santa blowmold everywhere. Could you tell me who it is made by or if there is a date or any other identifying info on it? Thanks so much!

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